Hi, I just thought I would share a card I made today.  I have been very sad for a long time co-worker that is in the process of loosing her husband.  This weekend I believe she was moving him into the cottage, where people spend their last days.  I don’t talk to her much about it but I sure feel for her.  Many years of marriage and about to retire soon. I couldn’t imagine how she feels.  I have known to many women who have lost their husband through the years, it only makes me appreciate mine more because I worry every day one day he will be gone too.


I love to digital color either on my phone or tablet.  I did this in an app called Sketchbook Pro on my Galaxy tablet, I have the app on all my devices, phone, and my Nexus since I love to color and draw so much.  I downloaded the free coloring page from a google search, and I believe I brought it into another app called Photoshop Touch to get rid of the white background.  I can color the entire image in that app but I prefer Sketchbook since I have used it longer.  That is one downfall that program has, if I can do that I am not sure how.  If it is an easy trace I can just add a layer and turn down the opacity on the top layer and redraw it by tracing then delete the original layer, rather than switching programs back and forth.  I give all credits to the free coloring pages though cause this is basically their image.  I just color away.  So anyway, I believe I saved it as a PNG file and brought it to the Silhouette and cut it out.  I love how it turned out.  Sadly not for the reason it was being made.  So I thought I would share my fun with you if you like to color too.   Shading is a breeze.  I did outline with a color pen just because I didn’t think of it before.

On a lighter note here is a couple more free color pages I made…


superman-printable coloring-pages- copy

Gotta Love SUPERMAN!   I hope you have enjoyed this post and give Sketchbook a try.  Love it!  They have a free version available to try before you buy but then Photoshop Touch is a pretty good one too.  Lately it’s been to hot here to do much else but stay OUT of the heat!  I haven’t even been on my computer hardly at all because it’s just to dang hot!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Hello again, I am back for some more inspiration with Juliana Kneipp’s digital products.  I searched for some word art that she had done, I took these word art elements from a kit and traced them on my Silhouette designer edition software.  Cut them out with a kiss cut on vinyl and added them to some tile I bought at the hardware store for about .19 cents a piece.


I took a roll of cork board (you can get them at craft stores) cut them to the 4×4 size of the tile,  glued it under so it doesn’t hurt the furniture.


Perfect for my family!

I love the word art it always gives me new ideas!  You will see more on the blog next Friday with SnapDragon Snippets. Silhouette store design on my next two coasters!  I may mod podge them to see how well that works too.

Hope this has inspired you!

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Today I am going to do something different, Picture my Life pages that I have made from Dr Phil Scraps.  This is the “Later Skater” set, my boy is all boy and this fits him perfectlyPicturemyLife2

Her is the start page, I was toying with the idea of printing a black and white photo blending it on the top of when he was little.  He has loved sports for so long, I think he had the names and the stats down for the Seahawks by the time he was 4.  He loves baseball, football, basketball anything to do with sports he lives and breathes it.


Here is the back side of the opening page, he doesn’t skate board so I will be covering that up with a photo but I will keep the rest!   I love the little interviews the cards provide.


So now he is all grown up!  This is his best game ever.   My first time filling the pages, I printed my photos to small but I know better now!  He has 7 albums of him to himself, then when my daughter came along I slowed down on his albums and tried to give my daughter some of what he has but I haven’t really gotten close to what he went through having a mom as a budding photographer all his life.  He says he is retired, lol.

Later Skater is a great set, when you buy a set of “Picture My Life” themed cards, it comes with page protectors too.  Close to my heart has the best page protectors around in my opinion.  My next post will have the girly version “Chantilly”  I love love love.  As the term is coming to an end you will see these Picture My Life, pocket style scrapping.  Very excited to show of these cool moments even if it’s an every day moment!

Happy Crafting!


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