Making your own embossing folders with mat board.

I am sooooo excited! Did you know that you can make your very own embossing folders without buying and expensive kit?  I was watching YouTube one day and learned this technique!  So now I can teach you!

Happy Birthday Emboss

Your first step would be to down load this awesome Happy Birthday Emboss  file, if you do not have Jubilee then you can create your own with any font in your Cricut library.   I used a separate page/layer to do the border, just because. The card is 5×7, so I made this border about 3.25  x 8.5 inches, with the text in the middle. Note: I over-sized it so I can be sure the emboss will place in the middle of the card, then cut it to size.   After cutting the font you will take the frame off the mat , I tried to keep the letters on the mat while pealing off the frame, it took a couple sharp tools to keep them all down but it worked.  Then you can prepare the mat boards,  3.25  x 8.5  inches two times.   Then you place and glue down the font frame on to mat A upside down, then sandwich the boards together and tape them to bind them.  Like this…


Once you have it securely binded, you can start taking the letters and placing them back into mat A, like putting a backwards puzzle together. I actually put the A, 2 P’s B, R, D and the last A in first so I could fill the insides of the letter first.  When doing so I had the glue on the front side of the inner letter, closed it until it was dry then  proceeded with the actual Happy Birthday, doing a couple of letters at a time only glueing on the back side of the actual letter instead.  After inserting a couple of  letters at a time, I would close it and get it to stick before going to the next two.  Reason being, was I was using 2-way Ziggy glue and it would dry if I went all the way across before closing the mat.  Yes, it took me a couple trys to get it right, but I finally got it down!  Even the little tiny dots for the i and exclamation point worked!   Then I ran it through my Sizzix boutique with the shim mat, it took muscle but it worked.  Before taking it out of the folder, I used an embossing stylus and ran it through each of the letters just to ensure it is a deep enough emboss. After doing all the embossing, I took some shimmer ink pad, the kind you get in the dollar section at every craft store, and rubbed it over the embossed image to see if I could make it pop a little more. Then mounted it on to the  folded 10×7 base,and wrapped it with paper raffia that I had picked up at Micheals awhile ago.

As you can see, I accidently glued the wrong side on some of them but I just took it off, let it dry in the open then redid it glueing it right then next time around.  This was not the bestimage for the FIRST emboss to try, an easier one would be something a little thicker of an image but this was my first and it is do-able..

Of course this does not have to be a font, you can do flowers, demasks, any image you have in your library, you can emboss it too!  How cool is that?

If you have any tips, let it out, I would love to hear!  If you make one, send me a message I would love to see it!

I would love to hear your


I love to hear them and I read them all!


  1. Kathryn says:

    I am not sure I get this, but I am going to try and do it. LOL I am a have to see it being done type to get things to work right. TFS.

  2. Theresa says:

    Sorry we missed you in the April Showers Blog hop 🙁 I hope all is fine on your end, miss seeing your ideas.

  3. Marianne B. says:

    I went to a stamp/craft fair a few weeks ago and came across some frames to use with folders you already have. I knew it was something I could make at home, but for 4.95 for four of them, I just went ahead and bought them. All they are is a piece of chipboard with the frame cut out of the center. As you stack everything up to run through the Cuttlebug, first goes the frame, then the folder with your paper inside and the “C” plate on top. Whatever shape the frame is on the chipboard you created does not get embossed into the paper and it leaves a wonderful place to stamp a message or add a graphic. (I hope I explained that well!)

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