Teach me that Digi Technique – Blog hop

One of my very favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning or even at break at work is to look up tutorials on how to do just about anything.. Youtube is amazing at what you can learn.  How I learned was very different so I am a bit of old school with my techniques but alot of them have still stuck around for true professional photographers and graphic designers.

This is gonna be a fun hop everyone because we have a little bit of everything for you, it is just the new age in digi… the way we use our digital techniques for our crafting needs. It may be a world’s record ever trying a week long hop but hey, ya never know… we may be starting a new trend!  Our team is going to show you maybe new maybe old to some of you, either way you will get something out of it.  Newbies will learn those little things that you have always wanted to know but didn’t know how to do.  My tutorial is about creating your own graphics, how to make a blog button.  The great part is that you can create digital layouts adding pictures in as well and have them printed out at your local store or at home any size you want!  I am working in Photoshop version CS5 but I promise you if you have another version like Elements all ya gotta do is poke around and find the menus as they don’t change a whole lot.  There are some limitations but very few.  I believe everything I have done in this video you can do as well in any other version.

This can be applied for digital scrapbooking as well

Thank you for taking out a few minutes and watching the video.  Another great video that I highly recommend is the file organization video.  This shows you how I organize my files on my computer for all my digital scrapbooking needs.  Since we didn’t want to bog you down with a full day of tutorials, we have broken this up into a week-long hop.  So be sure mark your calendars because Jennifer McLean at Just add Water Silly  will be doing a tutorial on how to make the code for your button you just made for your side bar and make the code so others can apply it to their blog!  See our full line up is as follows…

Lissa Marie at www.somanycrafts.com  How to make a blog button in Photoshop mark your calendars because we are teaching you good stuff all week-long, tomorrow you will want to meet with….

Jennifer McLean on Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th at  Just add Water Silly  How to write the code to apply it to your blog,  Jennifer has an extensive post so we are giving you two days to be able to go through it, and learn, she has two post as well so you can follow along without being overwhelmed.  We know how busy mom’s are and would love to have you come back to learn how to apply that code to your blog. Then linking you to ……….

Jennifer Restivo from the Crafty Card Gallery for Wednesday the 17th – She will be doing a tutorial on “how to make sketches”.  (ohhhh I am so excited for that one!)  She will link you to…

Ellen at www.cardmonkeyspaperjungle.com for thursday the 18th – Ellen will be showing you all about digital stamps and Copic markers..  then she will finally link you to..

Pam Lavertu will be finishing off the hop at Mzlv2 for Friday the 19th, teaching you about Cameo software and what that Cameo can do!.

I hope you have a fun-filled week learning new things… some homework here huh?  I will make a page on my blog just for a tutorial section then you can come back as I post new ones on the blog.  I am excited to do them trying to add one here and there when I get time (that’s the tough part).  To remember the blog and where it’s all at, you can subscribe by email, network blogs or good ole WordPress..

We also have a special sponsor by Shannon Leffew Keith in her Etsy store.  Giving out a $10.00 gift certificate for some of her beautiful handmade flowers.  To qualify to win you will need to be a follower and comment with the corrisponding email you followed with so I know how to get ahold of you.  You can also make my day by telling me if I have taught you something in this tutorial! I love to hear your comments, critiques, those are gentle, not critical as this really is one of my first videos! I do love questions!    So please enjoy your week with us and I definitely hope you have learned something new!  I am very excited for this hop as I am look forward to each and every day of the ongoing tutorials…

If you choose not to subscribe bookmarks always work too, but bookmarking does not qualify for blog candy 😉


Have a wonderful day!


  1. Marianne Barkman says:

    i am looking forward to learning lots on the blog hop this week! Having it a week long makes for chances to try out the techniques. And i do the hops in order to find new friends and blogs to follow…so count me in. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lori says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial. I have photo shop at work that I purchased about 3 years ago to make signs and banners and never really used it because I could not figure it out. I’m gonna give it a try again and see what happens.

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