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Today’s hop is all about friends and family some have picked friends some have picked family, I and some of us may just have picked both because you know this month is the month to give thanks to our friends and family in our lives.

Jessi from My Life in Art’s n Crafts is hosting our hop so you haven’t been by there yet, be sure to take a step back and relax, to enjoy the whole hop.

Today’s project is a very special post for me.  This project is going to have to grow because it is not done by far.  A couple Friday’s ago  I was hoopin’ and hollering woo-hoo I am on vacation.  Then a half an hour after I got off work I got a phone call that my father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2000, had taken a turn for the worse.  I rushed home to get the kids and off to my parents house we went.  When I got there he was on a oxygen tank, he had gone down and couldn’t get back up, his breathing slowed and we knew it was going to be his last days.  Holding his hand throughout the evening, then Saturday we went to my son’s football game and he was looking better but that evening I came over anyway, and he had slowed up again.  Up all throughout the night, checking on him, bonding with my brother til 7:00 in the morning, my brother that I hadn’t had a real conversation with in years, maybe even shedding a few tears with him.  My brother is a Minister and there is always questions that you want to ask why????  Who better to go to then your own family member to ask, “Why Dad?  He is such a great guy”  Well to make a long story shorter, his answer made sense,  “Maybe God chose him first”.  That Sunday afternoon he passed on to celebrate his new life in heaven and to watch over us as he always did while had his time here on earth, he is no longer burdened with the disease and healthy, not suffering any longer.

This is my tribute to my father.   He married my mother and had two children my brother and I are two years apart, then they divorced and he remarried to a woman he loved like a fresh bride for 40 years and had two more girls.  She is my best friend/sister and a great role for a mother that you can get.  I say she is like my sister because she was much younger than Dad and 14 years older than me.  I always wanted an older sister for a role model and through the years she has filled both roles.  Teaching me the girly things in life that Dad’s can’t do.

A digital layout I created in a time of pain I was feeling for him. I will never forget my father, he was a good man.   With a great smile.

 A few days later we began the celebration of his new life, shedding a few tears but I am only sad for me and my family,  not for him because I know he passed away as a happy man with a happy life, he had the gift to be able to pass in his own home he has lived in for at least 38 years with his family surrounding him and he will always be there.  I stopped by the house today, and could tell he wasn’t there physically but I felt him there and that is how I always want it to be.  Home.


Oh one more thing..

   He always carried a pen and notebook with him.  During the viewing his wife put a pen in his pocket but she didn’t have a notebook so I made him one..

Inside:  I love you.

Ok, are you ready for our next project????

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  1. Zenita Barnes Smith says:

    Oh LIssa Marie what a heartfelt story!! My 26 year old son has Parkinson’s and it scares me on a daily bases, but I know through all of it he has God in his life. I pray that each day will be better and all your memories will always be there for you!! Love hopping with you!!

  2. Karon H says:

    Lissa – so sorry for your loss. What a very heart warming post – brought tears rolling. Wonderful LO and great memories. Have a good weekend. Hugs, Karon.

  3. Marianne Barkman says:

    Lissa…i am sending you big hugs. My mom had a bloodclot to her colon while we were gone from home, and we almost lost her, but God knew she had work to do, and today she is at home with me, dealing with life. But i know how fragile life is, because my brother has Crohn’s. And through this all, hugs are what helped. Thanks for sharing, and for being a part of this hop

  4. Pink Dalmations says:

    Lissa this made me cry! I lost my Gpa to Parkinsons about 12 years ago. He was diagnosed at a very young age & was always hopeful for a cure. You have so many great memories & those are what help us to cope. Your LO is beautiful. I think we create some of the best work while emotional about the subject.

  5. Michele says:

    What a beautiful way to remember your father. So very sorry for your loss but so glad you and your brother were both there. I love the idea of pen and notebook too. So very sweet and touching. (hugs)

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