Wish me luck!

  I have been digi scrapping here and there for about 6 years now, but I mostly make up my own designs.  I love the look of my own creations and I also love the look of a kit, as well as I do traditional layouts.  So a few years ago, I bought an external hard drive and every now and then I go download crazy.  I don’t use most of it, but it is fun to look at the library I have collected over the years.  It’s a crazy way to keep organized but I think I do ok.

I don’t post a whole lot of digital here because most my followers are paper crafters,  but every now and then I will crave to do a digi layout and post it anyway.  Lately, I have been craving to dive into some digital challenges but I really don’t know where to start.  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this great digital site called the “Sweet Shoppe Designs”.  It actually dropped my jaw their designs just separated them from the rest.  I immediately snagged up their freebies and haven’t really done any layouts since but I really just love them.  I think I actually had emailed the Sweet Shoppe and begged them to let me design for them when I saw the site! LoL  That was sooo unlike me, coming out of my shell because I have never been a part of the digital world as far as being in groups,  I have been kind of loaner in the digital communities.  I had the Photoshop knowledge and just went with the flow.  Tried a couple of sites but they didn’t grab me.  Today my friend sent me a link for a Creative Team Call and I was on it!  From one of the designers,  at the Sweet Shoppe…Juliana Kneipp.  I was so excited and inspired I had to make a layout this afternoon!

The story behind the layout…

Well a couple of days ago my husband asked me to stop by this guy’s house that had a sign “FREE PUPPIES”.  I have been fighting getting a dog for years because I didn’t want another child.  I promised him I would stop anyway, my daughter and son have been begging for a dog for a very long time.   It is sad when she has 100+ stuffed animal dogs and when I put her to bed at night to pat  her back she will say, “Mommy, I really want a real puppy”.  I was out numbered.  My husband and I discussed it and we talked about getting a pure bred golden labrador retriever.  For me, it has to be the right dog, not just any dog.  I wanted a female, and I wanted it to be blond.  The one he had picked out was a black male, and explained on the phone before I got there that there is a calico looking dog, it was female but he wasn’t crazy about it.  So, when I got there, I get on the phone to call him I knowing in my heart it was time, he definitely wanted the all black male.   My last dog was male, I wanted a female and she was sooooo cute!  I didn’t like the thought of one dog being home alone while we were at work, they must have a playmate.   So sure enough, I come home with two puppies.


 I am sure you will see  the black one soon, he is just as cute cutely and lovable, he just makes you love him.  He is a little harder to photograph because he just blends into everything but I will catch him soon enough.  This turned into a perfect opportunity to digi scrap my sweet Daisy.  She is a bit shy but they are very sweet dogs and very good with the potty training so far.  My husband has been giving me a bad time about bringing home two, but I know he is happy with them, and the kids are just ecstatic about getting two.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and my layout.  I love this kit called My Sunshine it is a two part, I found part one at the Sweet Shoppe, and part two on her Facebook page.

Please Please Pretty Please keep your fingers crossed for me.  They are taking applications until the 15th of April, I can hardly wait to find out!!

Hope to see you tomorrow for our Krazy Crafting Crew’s Altered Magnets Blog hop. Time to decorate for spring!



  1. Karon H says:

    Firstly congrats on the two new additions to your family – Daisy is so cute! Can’t wait to see the other!!! Love the layout and what a gorgeous photo! Good luck, my friend. Hugs, Karon.

  2. Pink Dalmatians says:

    Lissa I’m so excited for you! 2 puppies & hopefully a digi DT! LOL. we have always had a dog growing up & then thru my married life. Sadly my last one passed about a year ago. I would love another dog, but I told my hubby that I until the kids are out of diapers (all 3 currently are wearing diapers) I will not get a puppy! So please let me live vicariously thru you! LOL. Love the layout, makes me want to temp digital. And yes I agree that company is the best digital one I have ever seen!!!!

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