Hybrid Project – Creating Coasters

Hi this is Lissa here for your Hybrid inspiration!


I am soo excited to share this post with you because they turned out sooo beautiful! Using Julianna’s

 A friend like you

  Digital Designed kit I made some coasters, with the digital papers and elements.  Here I just put them together in Photoshop, visioned them like I wanted, then took the layers to another canvas to print and cut.

Once I did that, I had already started before deciding to take the photo of the process to show you how the layers are out and I glued them on with mod podge.

IMG_7804  I got the tiles at Home Depot or something like that, and some round felt for the bottoms.

As I started, I modpodged the background paper the night before and then the next day did the layer, adding a coat of sealant to protect them.  I just love them.  They look just as I wanted them to in the end!

Here is the final product!


Yes, these are the real deal!  I intended to make 5, but I realized quickly that I didn’t have that many tiles, so I ended up with 4 favorites!  You don’t have to have a print and cut machine to do this.  You can also hand cut them as well if your designs are not so intricate.  I think I want to do it all over again with another kit, on my Photo Sticker Paper!  That would be awesome!

Thanks for taking a peek. I hope it has inspired you to make some for yourself!

Which kit is your favorite to try this with?