Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, I have a feeling, tonight’s gonna be a good night!  I am getting all ready to go!


A few of these should be a good snack

2 boxes of Strawberry banana Jello mix, 4 cups of boiling water,

chilled with  1/4 cup water & 3/4 cups of My favorite, Sky Vodka!

I may not answer my phone tomorrow!  lol

Have a wonderful year!SiggyforblogFinal

Here comes Santa Claus Layout..

Always proud to see Santa then pick at him and give him 3rd degree after!  You can’t get simpler than this with a pre-made page!  I use to never know what to do with… now I make it part of the stack!IMG_8063

DCWV – Beginning to look alot like Christmas. LOVE this stack!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bingo chips

Well this feels like one of those crafts that are not a big deal to post but my mojo has gone and I needed inspiration.  I was invited to a woman’s group get together the first morning I went to Morning Star church. I have not gone to church in years but this one really caught my eye.  The pastor is amazing his wife is too, I have never been to a church I didn’t fall asleep, text or write notes to the person next to me.  The music is so boring it puts me to sleep, well this church keeps you alive and the music is fun!  Since it is televised I watched many of their shows, so entranced in what he has to say, it was like he was talking to me in every way.  I finally took the step to go. All the women were so welcoming to me.  I went alone for the first time, the second my daughter went with me.  The first night I was invited to a women’s group cookie exchange for this last Friday night. One of the few I know who go to this church was dear and volunteered to go with me. I thought it was a get together, it wasn’t just a cookie exchange, nothing that I have ever done before but it was fun.  They had a beautiful dinner with lasagna, french bread and salad. In this beautiful home I could never imagine ever owning.  After dinner they played Bingo and we just had fun getting to know each other.  I spotted on the pre designed cards that they needed some bingo chips, and found out they do this bingo get together often.  I immediately had the idea to make some chips that fit.  Rather than cut up pieces of paper to cover the square, and maybe the square below, lol.  I didn’t go to church today because they are having Christmas movies all month for the holiday.  We were in the mist of whether we were going to watch the game with a relative who is dieing of Parkinson’s disease, as my dad just passed away just two years ago, and my grandmother too from many years ago, now my dearest father in-law also found out he has it too so it runs in both sides of the family. It would have been a very hard thing to do.  They live few hours away, or I stay with the kids and get my crafts cleaned up for the holiday.  Well if you know me at all I am easily distracted, and crafting I when I clean and nothing gets accomplished 🙁   Well I did a little of both, as the older boys showed up for Sunday dinner, not as much cleaning I like but my Bingo jar sure will put a smile on someone’s face next Sunday when I show them I am there and I care.    

So here is my project, simple and fun to inspire you.  Maybe you will get together with friends over the holiday and play Bingo too.


Here is a link I found that you can find free printables if you like… you can design your own or go with the standard  card.


I hope you had a crafty weekend, this is my favorite time if year to craft. Doing little things here and there trying to get back into it, doing what I love to do.  I know alot of you don’t comment, as I found many subscribers in my email that I have never checked, but I know you are there, the counts are amazing and blew me away, I appreciate you all!

Oh I almost forgot how proud I was of the Seahawk win, I am so excited to see them through the end!

Thank you for letting me share!SiggyforblogFinal

More Football digital layout from the Sweetshoppedesigns

Any fan of football would understand…

Today was a historical moment at our house, if you read the layout you will see.  I love it just because my son can’t STAND to admit he likes the Seahawks but it’s a challenge for him to admit after all these years that he will like the Seahawks again.   He has always been the opposite of what I say, I say black he says white I say chocolate he say vanilla and the kid LOVES chocolate!  So this is a huge deal for us, and funnier than you can imagine in a post.  

Journaling isn’t my strongest point in scrapbooking but there wasn’t enough room for this one to tell all but good enough!  He will KILL me when he see’s this post!  LOL  What an evil mother I am!

The big game by Misty Cato at Sweetshoppedesigns


Goodbye 49rs


Sorry 49’r fans.  I still love having you all here too.  It’s just a game to me.  Fun and even more fun now that he is in high school ball.  I am always asking questions about the game and what they do, so I can learn what the importance of his role is in the game.  They said some awesome stuff about him in the banquet I was such a proud mom I wanted to stand up and cheer him on but I am sure he would have died of embarrassment.  It started out how quiet he was… didn’t think they were talking about my boy at first then the coach went further and further more towards how he performed, by the end of the year he really pulled through.  They had only 3 losses this whole year and he was a proud player to help be a winner.  He didn’t make the basketball team but after the banquet I actually got him into weight training classes after school and that is going to really boost his confidence.  Even better he is excited about something he planned on never doing!  He needs it for his runner’s knee and he will be lookin’ good for all those girls I am gonna have to chase off until he is old enough!  I am safe as long as sports are more important!  Teens are a blast!

I hope you had a great crafty weekend too.  Here we are trying to get ready for the holidays and it isn’t coming naturally for me.  It been a challenging month on my favorite months to craft from Halloween to Valentines day but hopefully I get some more mojo and able to post more inspiration for you, for new layouts and projects.  Have a wonderful week!