I know I am not the only mom who likes to color like a little girl…

I promise I have been crafting away but not sharing to save it for one amazing post!  Getting ready for my first post with Just Jaimee at the LilyPad Designs, as part of her hybrid team I am excited to show you what I have made coming up on Sunday!  I also started something new, as I walked into my daughter’s school, the receptionist had this awesome scarf on, I ran down to JoAnn’s and bought all the materials to make it, in the process of making 8 of them!  Here is a little piece of it, since my kids made me make Seahawk Player football dolls, lol.  They saw this in the Seattle Times and went nuts!  So here is my Saturday craft before the game against the Panthers.  Wooo Hoooo we kicked some butt!  Excited for this weekend to see how it’s going to go, it’s pretty intense here in Washington State!  I made the Russell Wilson doll since Collin begged me to download it and my husband kept teasing me that if he poked the Russell doll if he would feel it!  lol but I know he would never because Russell Wilson Rocks!  Earl Thomas was in there too, he was the cutout in the newspaper.  So I made one each for the kids!


Oh does that look like Sherman taking the man down?  I can’t recall who it was but it was a GREAT game!  Go Hawks!

So anyway, I post a better picture of the scarves I made later, then got on a serious want and bought my first brand new sewing machine.  I don’t count the little Janome that I have, I need power!  So I bought a Singer 3325, I was told it would take care of anything I need.  I am not a Suzy home maker but once and while I like a change of pace and plan to make my boy some jamma bottoms.  Yep, fleece baseballs all over them, boy do I know how to pick out the material!  LOL

GirlinPinkI like to go to Pinterest and download free digi stamps then color them in.  It’s fun and makes the time go by fast! Weather it is on my phone or tablet, I love coloring. I was drawing some for awhile but I really need to get back to that.  I loved this girl, she was to cute!  I love using the shading, blending and all that.  Using PS Touch App or sometimes Sketchbook Pro.  So worth the little of the cost!

Then here are a couple little love birds!


Nope I am not a copics girl or traditional colors I love my digital coloring and will stick with that!  Makes for great cards, printed out with a nice sentiment.  Hope to see you again soon, Sunday for sure!  If you are into Project Life or any kind of pocket page style scrapping, you won’t want to miss this, or into hybrid, or book binding at all, you really don’t won’t want to miss out on Sunday’s post!

Happy Crafting!