OMG, I the game has been over for at least a half an hour to 45 minutes and my heart is STILL pounding!  I am SOOOO Happy, I didn’t realize I was louder than the crowd, jumping around doing the happy dance. Singing, “We’re going to the Super Bowl, We’re going to the Super Bowl!”  When I should have been singing, “We are going BACK to the Super Bowl!”  Sorry if you are a Green Bay fan but it means alot to me after my 15-year-old son converted from a SF 49’rs fan for the last few years back to our own Washington state’s..


 I kept telling them to have some faith!

 This is just a meaningless random bragging rights post, that has nothing to do with crafting, I am just a


Big Fan keeping warm in my arm socks!

Been making Seahawk colored scarfs this week too!

I made these and my son’s school’s colors for when he goes back to football this fall!

How exciting it is here in Washington State!  For many, the stadium being so loud and proud!  I wished I were there!  Many women don’t get into football but some do, I have always loved the environment,  started watching slowly when my son really got into it, than watched the first full Superbowl the first time the Seahawks went a few years ago.  Than when my son started playing, I got into the love of the photographing his team during games while they are playing, it all went from there!  

GO HAWKS, SUPER BOWL 49!super-hawks

Soon enough I will be into baseball for the Mariners!  Hoping my son makes the high school team this year in tryouts!