Just another football Sunday

I thought I would share this layout with you.  I met a gal on Juliana’s team that gave me a PS template and thought I would try it.  While we were chatting I had to tuck my daughter in and as I was going through the hall I saw this photo opportunity I couldn’t let go!  Sundays are pretty intense around here with Fantasy football going on.  My boy is 15 and he manages a small team of 4, thinking about taking on 12 next year.  Dad says he is a great manager , he even has my son help him with the team he has at work because he was loosing until Collin took over.  They are both still in this far in the game so I he isn’t doing to bad.  The boy is sooo smart with football I swear he knows every player, all their stats and history.  I don’t even know how he knows all this.  He can recognize them at a glance.  Well, at least I don’t have worry about the girls getting in the way 😉 Since he says that sports are more important!  Love that boy!


I have been doing so many cute little duck tape crafts and not posting them, I should more often but I think that they so to silly to post but ya never know when someone is going to like it and inspire them so here is my daughter’s chapstick, my boy unwrapped it and tore off most the wrap so I fixed it pretty for her!


Do you have Fantasy Football going on in your house?  Is it just an emotional roller coaster or what?  I try to relate with my boy it was hi-lar-ious going through YouTube Gieko commercials with him one night.  My boy is like a comedian as it is, “Gimme some cold cuts” and the shuffle is big around here.  My albino boy wants beautiful dreads… on and on.. to funny.  I never laughed so hard when I woke up the day after Halloween and he had my witches wig on and a football helmet, he actually went outside and played with that thing on!  He said he was going to wear it for his coach one day but I don’t think he ever did!  Never a day without a laugh from him!  If you watch football at all or listen to the men in your house you will know what I am sayin’!   Basketball tryouts are next week so the rolls are going to get really crazy around here.  He will try out, says he doesn’t think he will make it but at least he can say he tried.  If not I think he will try and go for manager, he is short and has a bad knee, poor kid wants to be tall soooo bad. I told him he can’t help his height but he can help his speed.

Enough babbling on.  Just a proud mamma.   Thanks for looking!  If you have football on, do you craft while the boys watch? What is the craft of the day?  Or the good food of the day?

Until next time..

T-shirt transfer

I gave it a hand, to see what it was like then I decided to make my own design.  You see I have a 15-year-old that think’s he is “Swag” because at his school that means “cool”.   He doesn’t wear his pants below his butt, occasionally he will wear his baseball cap crooked and he is to darn cute to not love it.   I had to make him a t-shirt I couldn’t resist, gotta say he helped a little since I gave him choices of fonts and props he loves it, and so do I!


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Crayon box SVG File

Hi this is Lissa here to post my very last project from being on the creative team that Mike and Kenzie has had me on for the last 6 months.  It has been a treat, challenging at times when family gets heavy on the workload but I have enjoyed the different view of a design team.  Today I have something very simple for you, it is actually a crayon box but I love to make them for storage boxes,  I will put note pads in them, favorite pens, ect.  Using DCWV paper, I love this paper and didn’t need the panels they had to go with the file.   I put an insert on the inside because I love the washi tape look when all the pens are not in there.   I really love this file, they have one for 8 or 16 crayons. iv>

 Here is the backside.  Cute little thing for my desk at work!
 Now that I am looking at it again, I should have wrapped it in twine!
I hope I have inspired you to make one, they are great for cards to store in, fun little gift boxes for kids many possibilities.  I always try to to think outside of the box!
Thanks Hope to see you again!

Just a quick and easy layout

I haven’t shared anything other than design team stuff lately it sure felt good to just do my own quick and easy thing with the materials I have been dieing to use!image 

It just felt good to do something fun!  Love those chalkboard markers, need practice of course since my work is in only in pink!  But what the heck, she is a cutie

Taken from my iPhone… yeah yeah… I know better but this is just a captured moment I loved, since we were bored in the back seat, I let Collin have the front so Abby and I could play.  Even worse the layout taken with the iPhone to show on the internet!  Oh well I am just getting old and don’t care anymore! lol 

I hope you enjoyed this layout!  It was a fun time,  see you soon for my next post in a couple days!


Back to School blog hop

Welcome to the SnapDragon Snippets/SVG Attic Back To School blog hop!

We are super excited to have you join us!

At each stop of the hop you will be inspired by the creativity of each of Snapdragon Snippets and SVGAttic design team members. If you happened across this post out Here is my project for the hop:BoxSomanyCrafts


This is the candy box file  in the Snapdragon Snippits section in the Silhouette Store

(And of course if you hop with us, there are prizes to be won! We are offering two gift cards to the SVGAttic store!

$30 Gift Certificate to SVG Attic and $20 Gift Certificate to SVG Attic What do you need to do to be eligible for these amazing prizes? 1. Become a follower of each blog in the hop, if you aren’t already. You will find a few different participants (blogs) this time around. 2. Leave some blogging love on each stop. 3. If you do both of the above, check back on both Snapdragon Snippets and SVGAttic blogs for the winners on Monday, August 18th! You have all day today and tomorrow to hop. We would also love it if you would stop by the SnapDragon Snippets and SVG Attic Facebook pages and give us a “Like”! This is the blog hop lineup in case you find a broken link or need to take a break and come back. SVG Attic blog Melissa Julie Beth Shary Courtney Jodi Jearise Esther Ruthie Diane Gaby SnapDragon Snippets blog We hope you have enjoyed this stop on our hop! Be sure to visit, follow and comment on every stop to be eligible for the prizes.