Celebration is over and now it’s scraptime!

Hello everyone.  I know post have been pretty sparse but I do have some catching up to do getting some mojo back.  Hoping to come up with some YouTube tutorials for Photoshop if you like and more.  I had just gained a position with Just Jamie in the LilyPad, an amazing digital designer that will be having me to hybrid projects once a month.  I love, love, love her work.  I am not to excited about what I did with this one.. but that is my fault throwing things together in a hurry.  Bad habit of mine on my layouts. But hey it works, you know how they say, don’t over think it, so I can move on, right?  So for those traditional scrappers this is a perfect easy layout for you or you can mix it hybrid.  This isn’t my post for her Design Team, I only did this one on my own for fun. I have something else up my sleeve with the project of the month!  This is from her Hunter story teller collection and it is amazing as if you click on the link you will see.  So proud to work with such a top designer!  Missing Juliana as well but I am sure that Jamie and I will get along just fine!



Testing out my new phone capabilities, OH MY… it’s alot to learn going from Apple to Android.  I am constantly on it learning new settings.  I don’t know why 3-5 different companies think they need to sync your photos to their servers including Google plus and more.  UGGGh!  If you have any tips on how to stop sync, because it will come back after you have stopped it, please post here to give any great tips you have.  I got a Galaxy Note 4 because I am in love with the sPen.  Disappointed in Apple not trying to compete with something like that as an artist.  If they ever do, I may just hook back up with Apple.  The size is nice but doesn’t fit my hands. I knew how to NOT sync anything with them so no worries there. I am sure you all don’t want to see my whole family life on Google plus!  lol  With that being said, I have cleaned it up!  

Well this was just a random post for the week, hope to see you much more this week as I am on vacation and plan to get some stuff done.   To much to toss or sell off!

Either that or get busy crafting again.   

If you are not already connected, I will see you next post or on Facebook!

Happy Crafting!

Bingo chips

Well this feels like one of those crafts that are not a big deal to post but my mojo has gone and I needed inspiration.  I was invited to a woman’s group get together the first morning I went to Morning Star church. I have not gone to church in years but this one really caught my eye.  The pastor is amazing his wife is too, I have never been to a church I didn’t fall asleep, text or write notes to the person next to me.  The music is so boring it puts me to sleep, well this church keeps you alive and the music is fun!  Since it is televised I watched many of their shows, so entranced in what he has to say, it was like he was talking to me in every way.  I finally took the step to go. All the women were so welcoming to me.  I went alone for the first time, the second my daughter went with me.  The first night I was invited to a women’s group cookie exchange for this last Friday night. One of the few I know who go to this church was dear and volunteered to go with me. I thought it was a get together, it wasn’t just a cookie exchange, nothing that I have ever done before but it was fun.  They had a beautiful dinner with lasagna, french bread and salad. In this beautiful home I could never imagine ever owning.  After dinner they played Bingo and we just had fun getting to know each other.  I spotted on the pre designed cards that they needed some bingo chips, and found out they do this bingo get together often.  I immediately had the idea to make some chips that fit.  Rather than cut up pieces of paper to cover the square, and maybe the square below, lol.  I didn’t go to church today because they are having Christmas movies all month for the holiday.  We were in the mist of whether we were going to watch the game with a relative who is dieing of Parkinson’s disease, as my dad just passed away just two years ago, and my grandmother too from many years ago, now my dearest father in-law also found out he has it too so it runs in both sides of the family. It would have been a very hard thing to do.  They live few hours away, or I stay with the kids and get my crafts cleaned up for the holiday.  Well if you know me at all I am easily distracted, and crafting I when I clean and nothing gets accomplished 🙁   Well I did a little of both, as the older boys showed up for Sunday dinner, not as much cleaning I like but my Bingo jar sure will put a smile on someone’s face next Sunday when I show them I am there and I care.    

So here is my project, simple and fun to inspire you.  Maybe you will get together with friends over the holiday and play Bingo too.


Here is a link I found that you can find free printables if you like… you can design your own or go with the standard  card.


I hope you had a crafty weekend, this is my favorite time if year to craft. Doing little things here and there trying to get back into it, doing what I love to do.  I know alot of you don’t comment, as I found many subscribers in my email that I have never checked, but I know you are there, the counts are amazing and blew me away, I appreciate you all!

Oh I almost forgot how proud I was of the Seahawk win, I am so excited to see them through the end!

Thank you for letting me share!SiggyforblogFinal

It has been forever since I have posted! Scrapbook layout inspiration, or is it?

I apologize to my readers, stick with me and I promise I will be back.  I blew up my laptop and desktop with a bad surge protector and just have been grabbing what I can when I can if I can’t craft on a tablet.  Without my own computer and Photoshop on it, I think my mojo has focused a different direction. I have hope though, for a new computer soon we will see! 

For now, I am kinda sad because my kids are going through this stage where they don’t want their pictures taken.  My son doesn’t want to be embarrassed by everyone on the football team, which infuriates me because I know all other mom’s are getting them and all I really need is one good one after a game I don’t care how sweaty and tired he looks.  I didn’t get the package and he didn’t do the individual.  He is second string so I don’t even get a alot of photo time in the game.  When he hike’s I can’t even see him but my big lens does come in handy so videos are it.  My daughter.. well a different story but I am hoping to get some today after making this.   I made her a mardi gras mask last night, she likes it so I may get a couple out of her. 

I saw this sketch on my facebook page from the Canadian Scrapbooker page.  I love love love them! It instantly inspired me to get up and make a layout.  I feel like my family is disappearing in a block of time since we don’t get out much anymore and do a lot, so our family is disappearing not being documented.  I gave the project life a shot but I am having a hard time with it.  As a photographer most my photos are vertical and they just don’t fit in my pages as easily as most ametuer photographers would be able to just slip them in.  So again I need my photoshop to preplan the pages and print out the little ones, which is annoying.  I don’t want my scrapbooking to die.  I just simply have to figure out what works for me. Plus I am just going to have to force it and think of non expensive ways to play. 


I was looking up kids crafts looking for something to do with my daughter, I found some free stuff to trace that is how I came up with some shapes then cut them on the Cameo.

I have been crafting a little, making labels for people that turned out super awesome, a t-shirt transfer for the first time, will be posted this week.  I have done a few things to post soon.  So hang in there.  Hope to see you then!


Snapdragon Snippet and SVG Attic SVG Challenge

Monday, September 1, 2014

Snapdragon Snippets and SVG Attic September Challenge

Our challenge this month is FALL (can include Back to School and Halloween). This is a month long challenge and you can make anything that strikes your fancy with a FALL or Back to School or Halloween theme as long as you use files from Snapdragon Snippets and/or SVG Attic.

I have some inspiration for you today using the gift tote for pint jar with tag” Design ID #65667 


I didn’t use a jar for this because there is so many possibilities.  I was really stuck on getting a stuffed vampire for it but that didn’t happen!  It’s a very cute tote and you could make for any occasion!   I did forget to cut out the tag cause I was going to use one of my own, but that will be next so here we are for now.. this is my inspiration for the contest!

Contest Rules
• Become a follower of SVG Attic‘s and SnapDragon Snippets‘ blogs.
• Create any type of project using at least one recognizable element from an SVG Attic or SnapDragon Snippets file.
• You have until Midnight Central Time on September 27th, 2014. Designs submitted after the deadline will not be included in the judging.
• Submit your entry by clicking on the inLinkz button below.  If you do not have a blog, you can also enter by posting a picture of your project on our SVG Attic or SnapDragon Snippets Facebook pages and state it is for the contest.
• Please only provide the link to your blog post itself and not your blog in general.
• You may enter as many times as you want for this contest.
• You may enter your project into as many different challenges as you want.
• Please include a link back to this contest post in your project’s blog post.
• Not a requirement, but we would love for you to “Like” SVG Attic and SnapDragon Snippets on Facebook if you haven’t already done so!


First Place:  $25 Gift Certificate to SVG Attic
Second Place:  $15 Gift Certificate to SVG Attic
Third Place:  $10 Gift Certificate to SVG Attic

• Judging will be done by the inspiration team members and designers.

• Top 5 will be announced on September 30th, 2014.  From that point the fans choose the top 3!  The pictures will be placed on Facebook and the three with the most “likes” will win.

Good luck and happy crafting!

Kid’s craft and a winner from last weekend’s hop!

Last weekend we had the last hop of the year for KCC and I promised a Gift Card, drum roll please..

Cindy from Cindy’s Green Cricut 

won the $10.00 gift card of her choice!

Not alot there Cindy, don’t go to wild!  Merry Christmas anyway!


Now for a little kid crafting we made some Christmas trees with coffee filters.

I had this huge cone from making trees a couple of years ago, I couldn’t find it after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest on coffee filter cones this morning, thought it would be easy enough for me and my 6-year-old to do.  I got creative and used Ice Cream Cones instead!



When you get to the top you may want to make your skirt a little smaller.  I finished it off with a star from Julianna’s digital kit, “Light’s Camera, Action”  I had left over from making a card earlier this week.  Or you can use glitter paper as well.  I hope you have enjoyed this bit of kid crafting if you have kids to craft with!  I should have gone a little further and put some bling, twine and all kinds of stuff on it, but she bailed on me!   Until next time, have a wonderful 17 days left before Christmas!  The crazy time of year!

Welcome to the Scraps to Treasures “Candy Wrap” Blog Hop

Thank you for stopping by today to see our awesome candy wrapper’s that we have created for you to get new ideas!  You can make them for any occasion, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and more.  I don’t know many who don’t love candy and making it pretty makes it taste that much better!  I am your host today,  Lissa here at www.somanycrafts.com

We are making our creations with our scraps to get them used up and gone!   If you are interested in joining us get rid of your scraps, you can look up the Facebook group STT-Candy Bar Wrap, or next month it will change to  STT-Tic,Tac,Toe.  Then request to join if you would like to hop along.

This was a fun one to do… You surely couldn’t make them for each trick or treater at your door but for someone special it’s a great way to give a treat!CandyBarWrapper

Thank you for stopping by our little hop and if you would like to win some blog candy I would love to create a Studio J Layout for one lucky winner and I will give a tutorial on YouTube how I did it!  It can be a layout of your favorite pets, your children, siblings, anything goes. Even if you want it as a business advertising, I can adjust it to that too!  I will show you how easy it is done!  I will create the file and send you the Jpeg to do what you wish with it!  All you have to do is follow by Email, Blog Lovin or through WordPress.  Comment here and let me know you did, with the corresponding email you used to sign up.

If you have been here before you surely know I am having a Mystery Hostess Party, for Close to My Heart if not, for more details as seen on my sidebar, or scroll down to the invitation on mobile, you can also click on the image to take you to the party or the Mystery Hostess Link.   If you would like to check that out you are welcome to, but if you choose to place an order be sure to click on Join Now before placing your order.   Only qualifying amounts will be granted a mystery hostess to get the rewards, so lets make it great!  We only have 10 days left before it closes!  If you place an order this will give you an extra 2 entries!

All entries will be a random winner from random.org

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our Candy wrap hop,  also known as a Candy bar wrapper hop. I hope you enter to win…….


Next up is..