Just a birthday card

I thought I would show you the birthday card I made for a co-worker coming up this week.  I drew this on my Samsung Note tablet in PS Touch, then I saved it as a PNG, sent it to myself, uploaded it into the Silhouette software for a print and cut.  After cutting out the elements, added some bling.   Using twine for the balloon string.   I thought it was kinda cute!



I used a cute paper out of DCWV for a background prop.  I hope you enjoy this quick cute idea!

Just a little birthday card…. hybrid

Unfortunately my “cut” part is out-of-order so this ended up hand cut, and in a hurry at that.  Trying to take the best care for my sick daughter and make 2 birthday cards for two very important people.  Dad’s isn’t so fancy so I won’t show that yet!  Even though it took more time resorting to the Cricut, yes it was that bad that I had to pull out my Cricut for Dad’s birthday card for my daughter to give to her father.  Poor thing was sick as can be and I am always have technical trouble.


I grabbed a freebie element from a kit from Amber Shaw, “Garden Party” through pixels and company I believe.  I used washi tape and extra cardstock to make the strips a little sentiment and some of that crazy paper ribbon stuff. Embossing the background with flowers.  The worst part was inking it.  I don’t have many good inks so the ones I do have uggggh.  What matters is, she will LOVE it and she will really love what is to come after!  (Will show soon)

In addition to the card, I have some new news for you!  If you love SVG files, you will love the inspiration I will be bringing every other Friday for Snap Dragon Snippets Design Team, at the blog 3under3andmore.  They have over 3000 files for me to help inspire you with files and ideas in the Silhouette store, hope you love it!

Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Blog Hop

Yes another

Going on right now, for the Scraps to Treasures team who make all their projects out of scraps.  Your host today is Robin the owner/coordinator of the group from Scrap and Chat She is doing an awesome give away for this special hop.  One lucky follower will receive a Scrappy Goodie Mix from your’s truly! It will have several different scrappy items, with a value of about $20!!! To be entered for this awesome Blog Candy you MUST leave a comment on EACH blog in the hop. If you become a new follower you will earn an added entry. Please leave a comment that you became a follower.

Now for the other fun stuff is the project itself.  … Here is my card I made for the hop

Photo1 (1)

Just a simple card with cuttlebug folder on some pink paper I inked some purple layering the top and edges, then matted it with the folding part of the card,  wrapped some funky string I found in my drawer and added a bead,  I thought it turned out pretty cute!  Another great use of scraps!

Note @ 3:51 PM today

I loved your comments so much that I had to just make another for a boy… so how’s this take on it?  I used a shimmer stamp pad, then another light blue of those little boxes you get near the check stands at the craft store.  A note paper clip and that is it!  Matted it with a white card, (that is where I used the light blue color, a little cash will ad a smile!


It looks a little messy but I don’t think he will notice !

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I hope you have enjoyed my project, would love to see you again and don’t forget to subscribe by email to enter to win the fun blog Candy that Robin is giving away!

Happy scrappin’ weekend!


Robin S. – http://scrapandchat.blogspot.com/
Pam ~ http://mzlavr2.blogspot.com/
Camille ~ http://shortonideasaz.blogspot.com/
Paula – http://preciouspagesbypaula.blogspot.com/
Lissa Marie – www.somanycrafts.com
Lucy ~ http://love2createitall.com/
Lynda ~ http://memoriesintyme.blogspot.com/

Happy Birthday / Anniversary to the Krazy Crafting Crew Blog Hop

          Hello there and Welcome to the..



I am your host today so you are set to go for some fun projects! But first I want to explain to your what this hop is all about.  This is our independent blog hopping group that some of us have been together the earliest I can remember is January of 2011,  I looked back on some old posts and started to see the gals who have been with me slowly gather since I took over in January of 2012.  When I was handed a list of these girls whom I didn’t even know I attempted to buck up and start to get to know them because I didn’t want to loose my once a month glory!  Back then, I really didn’t know anyone other then the dear friend who took me in and introduced me to these hops,  knowing no one else,  I was just a part of  a hop group, and a member of the Cricut board with familar screen names. So when I got this spread sheet I love looking at it now because there are so many of us originals still in the group, it makes my little heart flutter, lol.  This next section is dedicated to my girls who I want to thank you for EVERYTHING you do!  If you want to scroll down to the projects.. and goodies feel free,  you really don’t have to read all that sap…unless you are in the group and want to hear what I have to say about you!

Onto with my story, once I was handed the list I introduced myself, attempting to get to know someone!  Zenita stepped up and introduced me to Ashley Townstead who also helped guide me through this craziness because I knew nothing of running a blog hopping team.  She has always been the background second admin in case I couldn’t be there for some reason and  then one day she let go, she said I don’t need her anymore I do fine on my own.  Which is a great complement but I surely miss her, she was my rock for a long time. Then I met Jearise, this is heart-felt for me because the poor girl would be so sweet in offering to do write ups for me and I would take it and reword (in lack of better words, tear it apart) but I loved her creative writing!  She gave me a bad time for shredding her write ups for awhile.  But it’s all in good fun, she is just a doll.  A friendship formed and we just went with it. Then I got to know Ellen, also known as  Card Monkey Jarvis, “the craft master”  oh my her cards were just amazing.  When she started speaking up we started to get to know each other and a great friendship was born as with some of the others I got to know.  When you see her post today you will know why I call her the “Craft Master”. Jaime was on the list but she was pretty loaded with work and on so many DT’s I couldn’t keep up in the beginning we were doing two-day hops every first weekend of the month. If the member was on the list that was handed to me, I saved the spot for her, I didn’t rotate anyone at the time, that was just the slot given,  it made it easy for me anyway.  They got to move up but  no one really left lol..  So she joins when she can.  Later I find out we have much more in common and she joins when she can.  Anita wasn’t able to join us today, she popped up out of nowhere too later on, she was on the list too and has joined every hop since for about the last year, this is probably the first one missed.  Janet Royer was on the list but had health issues the first half of 2012 then again, I kept her spot.  I had no idea who she was but she was on the list too.  Then she popped in and started busting out projects every hop we had and I believe she hasn’t missed one since either. Liz  was on the list, she is quiet as a mouse but shows up without fail with an amazing project every time.  I think “Tryin’ 2 Craft” is way misleading then her abilities!  She is always surprising me with various little blog candies on the hops.  Then Robin Scott was hoppin’ along with us a least since January but I didn’t get to know her til later and when we actually started talking it only took a few minutes before we started to form the open sister group “Scraps to Treasures”   this is her group I just shadow her and make sure hop night runs smoothly.  We support each other through out. As time went by getting to know these girls I realized that as a courdinator I am going to have to post some rules and expectations of the hostesses because it was CRAZY hop night.   In the beginning the list was much longer but it was a big commitment knowing someone was counting on them for the entire year.  Some dropped right away and some just didn’t show. I lost a few after getting my act together and let everyone know what is expected of them, maybe the others thought I was a drill sergeant who knows, I had to make it fun for everyone and the fun in the park has rules, right?  So I went recruiting.  These girls put on their big girl panties and stuck with me and I went recruting for the rest.

I went to the Cricut board and saw some familiar faces and asked Katina to join.  She hopped on it like hot cakes!  Katina really hits home for me because she was so eager to jump in and she didn’t stop there.  That girl has grown so much making her own “Stampin Up business” being a stay at home mom  to 3 young children and building her life with an income at home after being introduced to the facebook crafty world.  Teething children, children still in diapers and she is still plugging away at dedicating herself with her videos and she also got into Project Life, and hosting hops of her own.  Still going full-time dedicating herself to making money.    Many of the girls are demonstrators but I haven’t seen a go getter like Katina  and loving what she does.   She even joined the .com world 🙂  So that wasn’t enough girls for me, knowing everyone can’t possibly be there every month, then I found Cicily.  What a doll and amazing crafter.  She has also joined many DT’s and keeping her schedule full.  I was so proud of her when she stepped up from that baby bug to a real expression!  I am always in awe when stopping by her blog.  I love her superman style too!  Then Jessi was hosting an “All about PINK” hop on the “Scrapping Blog Addicts Pre-blog hops board”   immediatly I joined, then once I got to know her a bit, I also asked her to be a part of KCC, before I knew it she had me wrapped in twine and jute on her design team for the last year, posting 2 or 3 times a month and is great company late night while she is on her graveyard shift while I am up late crafting.  That girl can craft!  She is also my shopping advisor as I send her pics while I am out shopping, lol… love it! I met Pam through Scraps to Treasures.  She offered to help where ever she could and I took it because it was alot of work.  But then by this time my team was pretty stable too and I love that in a team.  I don’t worry about my girls letting me down, It is a rare occation when someone can’t make it the night before, very rare.  So they spoil me too. If you have ever coordinated or hosted a hop, you would know what I mean.  I still check on the hop the night before when we all get our posts up, but for the most part they are so darn good that I really don’t have to, we have formed a team that supports each other hands down.  They are not all social with each other as I am because I try to keep touch with all girls but we surely have a respectable drama free group that I love.   I have added Lucy, Paula, Robin Lane and my newest addition Lori  and Miranda being their first hop with us.  I hope you enjoy the group, it is fun and laid back and easy going.  You two will fit right in!  If they can all put up with my craziness but I try to be the best coordinator I can by making it easy as possible for everyone.  I can’t possibly make everyone happy every month but I do my best to make it happen as painlessly as possible.   So in conclusion I LOVE MY TEAM and I THANK YOU for all for such a wonderful year + this group wouldn’t be so successful without you!

OOOOOOOOOh way to much sappy stuff there.. So let’s move on to the good stuff!


We decided to post a card or whatever Birthday or Anniversary themed I have so far, made a couple of cards.  We are not mailing them since it is a large group and we really don’t need 18-20 cards, nor the cost of postage so we are sharing any related item to say thank you to our fellow members for being a great supportive team!

Here is my main card..


 Inside:  To have you in the group and being so good to me!

This was a fun card to make using  twine from Jessi’s Design Team that just retired last month.  She is still in business in her open Facebook group if you would like to check it out.

I also made this one. thinking of projects for our open sister group “Scraps to Treasures” with Robin Scott.  New members are always welcome there.  We also hop once a month using only our scraps, you may see some of our Krazy Crafting Crew members over there (yes some of us are really that crazy!), if you are interested in joining just send a request and you can hop right in!


Then here,  I wanted to see the different colors of the same card.  I drew and colored the dragonfly in Photoshop and added the sentiment below.  I duplicated the layers and made the same card two different surrounding colors.  My cards are not as amazing as some but I am just a simple crafter with style.  I also have used Jessi’s jute with these cards as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Now for the goodies.  for those who comment on our Krazy hop and become a follower, our very own Lucy is giving out a $10.00 CTMH gift card.


I would love to give a happy hopper a choice of an “Alphalicous”  Cricut cartridge (sorry I only ship in the US) OR if that is not appealing and you do not have a Cricut, you won’t get left out, you can get a $10.00 gift certificate to the Silhouette Store instead!  These girls work hard at their projects and love to hear your blog lovin’ too, so be sure to comment on each blog I do not require followers but it sure makes my day to see a new follower by email, knowing there is one more person out there that is interested in seeing my work come right to their inbox, all ya gotta do is put your email address on the top right hand side of the sidebar, or scroll all the way down on mobile to become a follower!

Until next post… hope to see you here


If you would like to learn more about the girls here you can Meet our Krazy Crafting Crew.

Just a quick note on the line up,  when you get closer to the bottom Anita was added in the line up and will not be participating this month.  she was added just before Zenita. I have taken her out of my line up, but Robin is out of town and must have thought she was last so she didn’t leave a go to link.   So please be sure you don’t miss the amazing Zenita’s post as well!

Your Host

Lissa Marie So many crafts, so little time!

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The “Man Card”

Hi again! Well we have a birthday coming up and I had to do the dreadful “man card”.  I was really surprised that I did so well on it because they are not easy to come by.


Using dcwv Rustic stack, I created this with some computer fonts for stamping.  Not much cricut here all it took was a paper cutter and printer, easy to make on a cold winter night.

Have a wonderful day!

Crafty Card Gallery Presents…

The Crafty Card Gallery has once again invited me to join their “it’s my birthday” Blog hop! We are now on Day 2 of the hop, since there was a break in between Laverne and my blog for most of the day, I am going to keep yesterday’s card posted so it can be seen.   If you have just stumbled upon the hop it starts here, and there is the list that provides you will all the member’s blogs along the way incase you need to look back or keep going forward.  By now if you have been on this hop you may have come from Laverne’s Crafy Adventure  and I am sure you have grabbed your favorite drink and kicking back.  There will be tutorials, blog candy and much more on this hop, just kick back and enjoy.

and now here is the line up…

         Crafty Card Gallery

          Alina @ Never Stop Scrappining 

       Meighen @ Scrappin 3 dees chik

         Lezlye @ Lezlye’s

 Denise @ Designs from my heart

        Nicolette @ Beyond Scrappin’

Ellen Jarvis    @    Card Monkey

Miss Adri  @ Macherie 

 Giselle @ Cross My Heart Paper Crafts

Cammy@ Pink Room Therapy

Ashley @ The Glamourous Side of Scrapping

Courtney @ Keekerz Crafts

 Laverne   @  A Crafter’s Haven

YOU ARE HERE—- Lissa Marie @ So Many Crafts, So little time —–YOU ARE HERE

Sandy @ A Colorful World

Audrey @ Audrey’s Cards By Design

        Brandi http://learningthecricut.com/

        Cherie  http://cheriescraps.blogspot.com/

        Jamie   http://craftygirl21.blogspot.com

        Shel     http://Shellyrharris.blogspot.com/

        Jenny   http://jennyplace26.blogspot.com/

        Laura   http://scrappycraftcorner.blogspot.com/

       Leslie Rahye   http://leslierahye.blogspot.com/

        Lucy    http://love2createitall.blogspot.com/

       Michelle (Scrappin with my Bug)       http://www.scrappinwithmybug.com

        Monica            http://simplycricutting.blogspot.com/

       Dawn  http://dawnsdesignsthatdelight.blogspot.com/

        Shawnee          http://quiverofangels.blogspot.com/

       Sigrid  http://lovescrapreflect.blogspot.com/

      Scraps to treasure        www.scraps2treasure.blogspot.com

        Haidee http://created2bunique.blogspot.com/

        jessica  www.customcreationsbyjessica.blogspot.com

        Kim     http://rickettscricuts.blogspot.com/

Kimberley       http://kimberlydianespapercrafts.blogspot.com/

        Liz       www.mywhichcraft.blogspot.com

        Lori     http://savingmine.blogspot.com/

        Jennifer A       http://creativearmywife.blogspot.com/

Wow, what a line up huh??? SOOO much inspiration!  Happy Birthday Jennifer!  I hope is the best ever!

Now for the project of the day, here is a card I made with DCWV Flower Shower.  They had a premium pack and a regular pattern pack and I picked them both up last spring.  I am just now getting to play with them and loving it!

This is a 12 x 7 card.  I took the full 12×7 sheet of the background and scored them into 3 parts..  Then the squares are another sheet, cutting it down to the pattern of the two rows, this made the pocket.  Glueing it to the front of the card and adding a button for a latch.  From there on out, it was all just customizing.  Added ribbon for the tie, sentiment was a computer font called “not his angel”  when you open up the card I used the fiskars punches for the flowers and Gypsy Wanderings for the word Celebrate.

I am keeping my post short but sweet since I know you still have alot of blogs to hit.  I hope you have enjoyed my project and are able to use this design sometime.  I know the perfect person I am going to give this to!

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I love to hear


and I read them all if you would like to leave one.

Or if you just want to go to the next blog you next stop will be with Sandy at..

A Colorful World

Have a wonderful day!