Hi, I just thought I would share a card I made today.  I have been very sad for a long time co-worker that is in the process of loosing her husband.  This weekend I believe she was moving him into the cottage, where people spend their last days.  I don’t talk to her much about it but I sure feel for her.  Many years of marriage and about to retire soon. I couldn’t imagine how she feels.  I have known to many women who have lost their husband through the years, it only makes me appreciate mine more because I worry every day one day he will be gone too.


I love to digital color either on my phone or tablet.  I did this in an app called Sketchbook Pro on my Galaxy tablet, I have the app on all my devices, phone, and my Nexus since I love to color and draw so much.  I downloaded the free coloring page from a google search, and I believe I brought it into another app called Photoshop Touch to get rid of the white background.  I can color the entire image in that app but I prefer Sketchbook since I have used it longer.  That is one downfall that program has, if I can do that I am not sure how.  If it is an easy trace I can just add a layer and turn down the opacity on the top layer and redraw it by tracing then delete the original layer, rather than switching programs back and forth.  I give all credits to the free coloring pages though cause this is basically their image.  I just color away.  So anyway, I believe I saved it as a PNG file and brought it to the Silhouette and cut it out.  I love how it turned out.  Sadly not for the reason it was being made.  So I thought I would share my fun with you if you like to color too.   Shading is a breeze.  I did outline with a color pen just because I didn’t think of it before.

On a lighter note here is a couple more free color pages I made…


superman-printable coloring-pages- copy

Gotta Love SUPERMAN!   I hope you have enjoyed this post and give Sketchbook a try.  Love it!  They have a free version available to try before you buy but then Photoshop Touch is a pretty good one too.  Lately it’s been to hot here to do much else but stay OUT of the heat!  I haven’t even been on my computer hardly at all because it’s just to dang hot!  Have a wonderful Sunday!