I finally made a card!

It feels like it has been forever since I did anything with paper that wasn’t digital.  I owed a friend a huge thank you and made this simple but nice card for her.

Butterfly Card

I can’t say I made the butterfly but I do love it.   A friend sent it to me from one of our hops, a magnet hop.  The butterfly is a refrigerator magnet or whatever you like to use them on.  I did take some digital paper made a background and made my sentiment, a little twine and a nice message inside.   I am just thrilled to post something I made with my own hands!  I love it!

Thanks for taking a peek!

A Thank You Card for a friend…

She is not a frilly girl, but she is not exactly a tomboy, she is a natural beauty and rough on the edges. I don’t consider myself beautiful but not ugly either, I am rough on the edges at times. We have things in common. What I love about her most is if she has a problem with you she will tell you, and talk it out with your feedback in consideration, its not all about her then sticks to her word. Anyway, so I am not sure how she would take such a frilly card. I just want her to know I appreciate her because she is a straight up woman that says what is on her mind and is truthful from the start. She doesn’t mess around, gossip.. everyone listens to gossip but not everyone repeats it. I guess I just respect her and value things about her that some people overlook.
I have known her a few years, I have always liked her, having things in common but we have never been close. Lately we have been talking and the talks we have are meaningful to me.

Sooo, as I was going through my scraps getting ready for the scraps to treasure hop and put this contraption together, A little of this and that getting ready for the Scrap to Treasure hop. It’s just a simple thank you for listening and being a friend.


Well you know who you are so it won’t be no surprise when you receive it. Thank you for being a friend. I truely miss making things for people I interact with on a daily basis.

This was just a quick toss together since I needed update my blog and let my readers know I am still here..

I threw this together for a friend who has been an unconditional friend to me for many years.  She has supported me in any way I need

and I try to support her as well.  This will make her day! This will be soo unexpected for her, she will be thrilled.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, since my flash broke after my 5 yr old daughter decided she wanted to kick it off the bed so she could watch tv.  I don’t have natural light to work with right now so here it is.  I used some dollar stamps at Joann’s in the check out isle, and Create a Critter for the bird,  Accent Essentials did the background,  penning in the stitches, a Brad for the eye, and some left over flowers and ribbon around. If you would like more detail about how it’s made just ask!  I will tell all!

Next Day…

I updated the post with replacing the picture, now I am happy with it!  Then corrected the horrid spelling I sent out.  It was late on my way to bed and didn’t spell check… shame shame on me.  I am learning, yes I am really.  Not that I don’t know how to spell, I just can’t type to tired. lol

  Have a great week!