Me and my girl love selfies!

I have a photo booth app that we love to play with, today I wanted to be cheered on a grey day and take pictures of my sunshine.  She always wants me to be her model so we made an agreement.  Well those pics on her camera didn’t go so well, lol.   I have many more of her that I will post soon because she did some super cute poses that reminds me of our favorite song, “All about the base” by Meghan Trainor. She is sooo adorable.  This is probably a free download that I got somewhere in the years of scrappin’  I am sorry I don’t have the credits but I see Juno, “Let it go” It seemed perfect for this layout.


I love using multiple photos on a layout but maybe that is just my shooting style.  I hope you have enjoyed my post.. I hope I have inspired you to use many on a layout, your kids need to have photos of you too for the future.  It doesn’t seem important now but it really is.  Until next time.


YouTube layout hop February

WoW time flew by so fast I didn’t even realize it was here!  My second hop with the YTLH crafters!  I am one of the odd ones coming from the darkroom showing digital works in my videos

Come and check it out if you are even remotely curious about Photoshop, you can always learn a little here and there, and the program doesn’t look so intimidating!

Plus you can win a this free digital template without my kids pics in it, lol…. by subscribing to my blog or my channel, as long as you comment letting me know you did and leaving me a way to get ahold of you!  You can also tell me how cool it is if you want, lol….


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Have a wonderful day!


All credits go to Lovie Mini Kit, by Sherrie Piegdon downloaded from Free Digital Downloads

Lorby’s World of Hops “Family”

Now is the most popular time of year to be Thankful for many things as we should all year-long but for the month of November it gets us thinking about it much more. Seems like everyone on Facebook doing the 30 days of thankfulness, people sharing and giving a little more this time of year.

We are glad you have joined us for this hop, if you have stumbled upon it, you can start at  Lorby’s World to not miss a thing that we have to share with you.  She is giving out something special for blog candy and some of the other blogs are giving out blog candy as well so you want to keep an eye open for the individual rules they have to win.

I have been under a tight schedule lately and very busy this month I almost skipped out on the hop.   Then I thought to myself, I am proud of my family and I want to show it.  If I can’t make time for that, I shouldn’t be making time for other things that mean so much less.  I feel like I cheated a little but even though it is digital, it is still some form of paper in the end 🙂

And I love the outcome.  We are not a fancy family we are just the average every day people. The journaling is very small, you won’t be able to read it but it talks about when the second to the oldest son Nik came home from Afghanistan.  It was the last night he was here and of course most of his time here, was with his friends.  I had my last chance to get a family picture the night before his flight left very early in the morning.  If you know Nikolas, he doesn’t like his picture taken at all!  He was ready and willing this time and I didn’t feel like it.  LoL.  It was fun memories, they all about fell over. (He would probably kill me if he knew I blogged this) Being a photographer I am always suggesting clothing and such for the perfect portrait but at that moment I didn’t care anymore, sometimes ya just gotta throw it out the window and this is who we are.  The average family on an average day.  I love every one of them to pieces and am thankful for each of them for many different reasons.  They are all definitely their own individuals and that makes them unique.

This was a digi kit called Thankful from by Jeanine Baechtold.
Well I hope you have enjoyed my project today.  If you would like to comment I would love to hear what you have to say.

Your next stop will be with the Lynne,  Enjoy the hop and take a moment out to give thanks to your family too.  Noone will love you more than your mom and dad and when you become a parent, noone will ever love that child as much as you do.  I absolutely love and appreciate my family.

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