OMG, I don’t know how I am ever going to live the iNSD!

So many freebies and give-aways for digitals everywhere!

Digi Kit, Printables, Papers, Elements, Pocket Cards all on Facebook blog trains, Digital Scrappin’ Freebie Facebook group doesn’t help me stay away from it all, I am finding, games, speed scraps, you name it, it’s everywhere!  Where in the world have I been??

My favorites are the Sweet Shoppe Designs,  Lily Pad, Pixels and Company, The Digi Chick and so many more!

They have something for everyone, and Pinterest is always a killer for free fonts and Pocket Journaling cards any kind of printable you want for anyone who knows how to print an image even without an image editor!

I can say that the mourning over my last failed hard-drive is starting to soothe over!  Kids are gone and I have gone wild on the net!  Digital Pocket Page Protector, Printables, Full Kits, even a little scrappin’ in but I didn’t even use a kit!  Plus I taught myself  how to make digital pocket page protectors on my own so now I have every layout at my finger tips!

There has been some great kits out there, some I almost bought Just Jamie’s May Story Book Collection it’s such a killer deal!  But I held back and collected my favorite newly discovered sites that I downloaded from, subscribed and I can pace myself.  That’s tough to do when you know what great sales there are right now.  My favorite designer of all is having the biggest freebie I have seen on the net, (yes I am partial to her because I blog for her too… I feel like one amazingly lucky girl!)  So I have to share with you her amazing work and her give-away too.  Not just because I blog for her either!  LoL

This opportunity to see her work and fall in love.  If you like vintage, unique, fun, neat things this is the place to go!

A little Photoshop layout

Oh I just thought I would play with some of Julianna’s designs and I have been posting these photo booth pics all over Facebook so I was dying to give this kit a try. Oh how fun it is to be in a photo booth.  I have the photo booth app on my iPhone and saved myself tons of money.  I know it isn’t the same experience but you know what?  In the end it was way more fun and we got way more photos!  We had a blast.

I wanted t share the layout with you !


If you can get this app on your phone (there are many so I am sure Android has it too) check it out.

 I would love to see some photo booth pics of you too!

Have a great day!

Going to the Playoffs!

I am sooo excited I had to do a Studio J layout from Close to My Heart’s online software made digi scrapping easy!  This is last week’s game, I was so mad because I missed most of it but got in a few shots!  I have so many pictures that I could make a book of the whole season but in the meantime I am trying to keep it down and figure out how many two page layouts I really need!   I loved having the privilege of taking photos this year, it has been good for me and my photography, I just wished I could see my son’s number in every shot, once they collide I don’t know who’s who.  I got to the point to where I looked at his socks to see which one he is!  #22!

GameOn_webThis is one proud boy here, he played every play in this game and they won!  Those boys don’t let the other team get by that is for sure!  He has a smile after every game, now next week is play off’s.  Oh my that will be interesting because if I can remember correctly the highest the other teams have scored is 6 and the lowest score we have gotten is like 24.   It’s been an amazing emotional adventure!

The hardest part about doing this layout is picking the photos that will go in it.  Once that is done, it just went to fast!  I love having everything there, and the ability to have “no limit layouts,”  rotating the pages while the pictures rotate with it!  I just picked the set and rotate the layout to the horizontals and verticals I wanted, and I believe I changed a horizontal to a vertical!  I even added a block of paper to block out a word and added my own in!  Fun!

I am so excited for my son because this has been the best team he has ever been on.  He told me last night he is trying out for basketball too.  He doesn’t have alot of experience in basketball, last year he got cut but there is more to the story.   I sure hope he makes it. I think it would make him proud. He LOVES his sports, he may not be the best player on the team but his love for the game and the heart he has into it, shows alot.  I told him he needs to start meeting friends on Sunday’s on the field and practice practice practice.  To bad we live in a area where we don’t have close by neighbors to hang out with.  That would be great!

Don’t forget about the “Mystery Hostess Party” going on now.  Come see Close to my Heart’s idea catalog and click on “join” to join the party and you could win the “Mystery Hostess” rewards.  There is a minimum amount before they give out rewards,  to have a qualifying hostess.  Let’s make it happen!

Coming up next weekend will be the Scraps to Treasure’s Blog hop Theme: Candy bar wrappers!  I am so excited to see what everyone will come up with!

Until next time, Happy Scrappin!

Welcome to “My Man” Blog hop

Your host to day is Katina Martinez at

Loving Life’s Little Blessings


This hop is all about masculine projects of all kinds, anything our team things of that is masculine for a special guy in their life.  I hope you enjoy the journey through the hop, as masculine ideas is harder to come by then general purpose crafting.

This is what I have made for the hop,.  I am out camping today and was totally unprepared for the hop.  With 2 kids starting school last week, I surely didn’t know what I was in for, I should have made my project 2 weeks ago.  So.. not to leave you hanging, I whipped up a digital layout by Julianna Kneipp from the Sweet Shoppe, this can be duplicated with traditional papers if you are not a digital scrapper.  This is where my husband and I go on our dates in the summer, he loves to fish and we have grown fond of this spot.  So there has been a few times we got to go alone, no kids just him and I and relax.



I hope you have enjoyed the hop and be sure not to miss a stop!

Loving Life’s Little Blessings

Card Monkey’s Paper Jungle

Scrap and Chat

Love 2 Create it all

Scrappin’ my stress away

Precious Pages with Paula

So Many Crafts, So Little Time

Well Well I almost forgot!  Today is the first day of the opening of our Online CTMH / Studio J party, brought to you by Pam from the Scrapple Tree.  This is a party by invitation only so if you are interested you can click on either JOIN NOW button for which products you are interested in.  Paper Crafting, or have you seen my videos for Studio J yet?  It is one you don’t want to miss!  You can buy albums for these beautiful digital or mixed media layouts with flip flaps, frames or get a 5 pack with free shipping.  Come and click on which one you would like to join, it really doesn’t matter because it all takes you to the same shopping place in the long run, you can browse it all.

Be sure to scroll down and click join now. Don’t forget to check out the Studio J section, if you have watched any of my videos,,, if not they are right here on my site!


Custom Layouts in Studio J, plus a special invitation

Today is Saturday, well,,,,it will be by the time this post goes live!   I thought I would show you yet ANOTHER awesome video on Close to my Hearts, Studio J online scrapbook software.

The fall is near and our favorite scrapping time of  year will be here.  For those who are interested next month I will be doing my first EZ invite party, this will be by invitation only.  If you are interested,  please email me so I can send your  invitation.  If  you by chance do not get the actual invite for some reason, when the party starts you will need to click the “join” button on September 1st this is when the party starts.  I am going to place the button on my side bar the date it opens the party will close on the 30th.  This is open to all products at Close to My Heart and Studio J.  When you shop with me, you place your order online and you will get it within a couple of days, you will not have to wait til the end of the month receive your order. If you would like a sneak peek at the idea book you can see here.  Keep an eye out for your email from “So Many Crafts, need so many supplies”  in the subject line!

I hope you are having a good relaxing weekend, I made this video featuring the flexibility of the custom layout apposed to the pre-made layouts.  Remember you have NO-Limits on these layouts you can make your photo wells any size you want you can even make your own sketch from scratch but we will do that in another video.  Enjoy!

(if the video doesn’t show up you can copy and paste the link, it is kinda flaky these days)

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hope to see you sign up for some good quality products or you can give Studio J a hand and I will have a new video soon introducing the coolest albums ever to store all your finished product in, with flip flaps too!  Sounds interesting doesn’t it?  Stay tuned because once my party starts I will be ordering my album right away and will show you how awesome they are!

Happy Scrapping!