Celebration is over and now it’s scraptime!

Hello everyone.  I know post have been pretty sparse but I do have some catching up to do getting some mojo back.  Hoping to come up with some YouTube tutorials for Photoshop if you like and more.  I had just gained a position with Just Jamie in the LilyPad, an amazing digital designer that will be having me to hybrid projects once a month.  I love, love, love her work.  I am not to excited about what I did with this one.. but that is my fault throwing things together in a hurry.  Bad habit of mine on my layouts. But hey it works, you know how they say, don’t over think it, so I can move on, right?  So for those traditional scrappers this is a perfect easy layout for you or you can mix it hybrid.  This isn’t my post for her Design Team, I only did this one on my own for fun. I have something else up my sleeve with the project of the month!  This is from her Hunter story teller collection and it is amazing as if you click on the link you will see.  So proud to work with such a top designer!  Missing Juliana as well but I am sure that Jamie and I will get along just fine!



Testing out my new phone capabilities, OH MY… it’s alot to learn going from Apple to Android.  I am constantly on it learning new settings.  I don’t know why 3-5 different companies think they need to sync your photos to their servers including Google plus and more.  UGGGh!  If you have any tips on how to stop sync, because it will come back after you have stopped it, please post here to give any great tips you have.  I got a Galaxy Note 4 because I am in love with the sPen.  Disappointed in Apple not trying to compete with something like that as an artist.  If they ever do, I may just hook back up with Apple.  The size is nice but doesn’t fit my hands. I knew how to NOT sync anything with them so no worries there. I am sure you all don’t want to see my whole family life on Google plus!  lol  With that being said, I have cleaned it up!  

Well this was just a random post for the week, hope to see you much more this week as I am on vacation and plan to get some stuff done.   To much to toss or sell off!

Either that or get busy crafting again.   

If you are not already connected, I will see you next post or on Facebook!

Happy Crafting!

A little Photoshop layout

Oh I just thought I would play with some of Julianna’s designs and I have been posting these photo booth pics all over Facebook so I was dying to give this kit a try. Oh how fun it is to be in a photo booth.  I have the photo booth app on my iPhone and saved myself tons of money.  I know it isn’t the same experience but you know what?  In the end it was way more fun and we got way more photos!  We had a blast.

I wanted t share the layout with you !


If you can get this app on your phone (there are many so I am sure Android has it too) check it out.

 I would love to see some photo booth pics of you too!

Have a great day!

My life in Arts n Crafts Design Team Post 5/7

Well spring is upon us and as I have said recently that I am itching for the bright colors of spring about this time of year.  I love the bright pastel mixes with the bolder colors, and here I have created it with Jessi’s twine and ribbon from her Etsy shop at

My Life in Arts n Crafts Store.


It is just the basic card but with the striped ribbon of yellow going with the polkadot background.  I drew a little flower in Photoshop and circled it with a PS brush, printed and was going to cut with a cameo, but decided to fiskar punch it.  Very simple and easy, 5. x 4.5 card.  If you like that jute and ribbon head on over to Jessi’s blog for more inspiration and check out her project, they are usually very amazing and well worth the trip. Plus she gives a coupon code every Tuesday for those who would like to purchase some!  We don’t know how long that coupon code will last so grab it up now while you can!

I surely hope you have enjoyed this post and gave you inspiration for a quick and easy card on the fly, but yet very pretty.  I would love for you to subscribe to my blog if you would like future updates, just add your email in the box at the top right of the side bar and I can come right to you!  Dont’ worry, I don’t post a bunch so I wont’ spam you a way!

Have a wonderful week!  I am hoping to be crafty this week being on vacation and all but those kids and family keep me going with baseball games, yard work, and more…!  I am good with that though cause I Love my family more then my craftiness, so that is ALOT!


Welcome to the “Sketches” hop from the Krazy Crafting Crew

Definition: Scrapbooking (verb):

The creative art of taking books with blank pages and adding photos, memorabilia, journaling, and embellishments. The primary purpose of scrapbooking is to preserve memories for future generations, but a secondary purpose often is to exercise your creativity as you display your memories in a scrapbook.

Pronunciation: skrapbook, divided – scrap book
Also Known As: cropping, scrapping, making scrapbooks
Common Misspellings: scrap booking

Bethany has been scrapbooking all of her summer camp photos in her brand new scrapbook.


Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fun-filled weekend with alot of creativity, and now more inspiration for you to fill your scrapbooks with or make new cards for your loved ones, friends and more.   I am your host today Lissa Marie, providing a layout sketch, and our Co-Host is Ellen at CardMonkey’s Paper Jungle, providing a card sketch for the girls to choose from which one they would like to do, or they can choose both.  I am very excited to see what they come up with, what they choose and how they choose to use it.

Here is the sketch I provided for them…

711613_458971304163144_775458943_nI thought wowza that is gonna be a tough one, but I think they can do it.

This is how interpreted mine.


I have chosen to do both since I am the host.. Here is the card sketch Ellen provided.


Now here is my take on the card


How fun is that, could can do many things with sketches. I love the challenge!

Well now for the goodies, I am giving away some digital works for one lucky winner.  A scrapbook layout, a fb timeline banner, business cards, or a  blog button, I am flexible of what your digital needs are.  It will be winners choice of what they would like me to do, I create it, send it to the winner and they can print it or use it as their own on their blog, whatever they want to do with it.  My own requirement to win my blog candy is to be a follower/subscriber through email or network blogs (on the sidebar) and to leave a comment, if you are a current subscriber  you will have to need to comment with the corresponding address you subscribed with.

In addition to that scrapbookstampsociety is our sponsor this month


They are giving away 3 sets of stamps to one lucky winner that comments on all blogs and it is your option to subscribe to all the blogs in the hop but to gain an extra entry you can subscribe to their blog at  ADDICTED TO STAMPS and let us know that you did.  Again, be sure your email coordinates with the one you used to comment on so we can contact you.

Now let’s hop on over to see what Ellen has made at Card Monkeys Paper Jungle


Here is the line up for you to navigate through the hop if you like tabbed browsing.

Lissa ~ www.somanycrafts.com

Ellen ~ www.cardmonkeyspaperjungle.com

Janet ~ www.janetscreativeworld.blogspot.com

Liz ~ www.tryin2craft.blogspot.com

Paula ~ www.preciouspagesbypaula.blogspot.com

Katina ~ www.twochicsandacricut.blogspot.com

Robin ~ www.scrapandchat.blogspot.com

Zenita ~www.scrappinwithz.blogspot.com

Cicily ~ www.pinkdalmationscrapper.blogspot.com

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Lucy ~ www.love2createitall.blogspot.com

Pam ~www.mzlavr2.blogspot.com

Scrap to Treasure Tic Tac Toe hop

Welcome to our hop brought to you by the Scrap to Treasure Team.  Your host is Cicily at Pink Dalmation Scrapper, if you have stumbled upon the hop you can start there and not miss a thing!  If you have come from Zannie Berry’s Blog you are in the right spot.

This is not a funny thing I had made a paper project with a left over matstack I had and wondered what the heck I am going to do with all those papers?  Since it is a quilting theme, I found a pillow cut file that made a perfect match.  I cut them all out, put the eyelets buttons and a pretty butterfly on it.. then tucked it away so it wouldn’t get ruined.  Then forgot where I put it!  So tonight I digitally remade the banner that I made for you to see today.  I am so sorry but I am sure Sunday after the hop is over it will pop right up.

It is a long one, so I tried to crop in so you can see, of course the paper doesn’t have the beveled look.  But everything else is the same.  I hope I didn’t do anything more than take a picture like I would a layout and post it, so I took pictures of some of the other papers.  There isn’t much of it left but I got by.  I just loved the pillows and I thought the theme went perfect with the paper.

 Sorry I didn’t add-on the eyelets but you see about what it will look like when I actually find it.  I hope you have enjoyed this.  If you COMMENT or subscribe with a confirmed subscription I will give you this  svg file for some blog candy!  There are actually more pillows in the file so you will have choices. It is time for me to go to bed now, I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Your next stop will be with

Tahi’s Scrap Corner 

Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to the Krazy Crafting Crew’s Friends and Family Hop

Today’s hop is all about friends and family some have picked friends some have picked family, I and some of us may just have picked both because you know this month is the month to give thanks to our friends and family in our lives.

Jessi from My Life in Art’s n Crafts is hosting our hop so you haven’t been by there yet, be sure to take a step back and relax, to enjoy the whole hop.

Today’s project is a very special post for me.  This project is going to have to grow because it is not done by far.  A couple Friday’s ago  I was hoopin’ and hollering woo-hoo I am on vacation.  Then a half an hour after I got off work I got a phone call that my father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2000, had taken a turn for the worse.  I rushed home to get the kids and off to my parents house we went.  When I got there he was on a oxygen tank, he had gone down and couldn’t get back up, his breathing slowed and we knew it was going to be his last days.  Holding his hand throughout the evening, then Saturday we went to my son’s football game and he was looking better but that evening I came over anyway, and he had slowed up again.  Up all throughout the night, checking on him, bonding with my brother til 7:00 in the morning, my brother that I hadn’t had a real conversation with in years, maybe even shedding a few tears with him.  My brother is a Minister and there is always questions that you want to ask why????  Who better to go to then your own family member to ask, “Why Dad?  He is such a great guy”  Well to make a long story shorter, his answer made sense,  “Maybe God chose him first”.  That Sunday afternoon he passed on to celebrate his new life in heaven and to watch over us as he always did while had his time here on earth, he is no longer burdened with the disease and healthy, not suffering any longer.

This is my tribute to my father.   He married my mother and had two children my brother and I are two years apart, then they divorced and he remarried to a woman he loved like a fresh bride for 40 years and had two more girls.  She is my best friend/sister and a great role for a mother that you can get.  I say she is like my sister because she was much younger than Dad and 14 years older than me.  I always wanted an older sister for a role model and through the years she has filled both roles.  Teaching me the girly things in life that Dad’s can’t do.

A digital layout I created in a time of pain I was feeling for him. I will never forget my father, he was a good man.   With a great smile.

 A few days later we began the celebration of his new life, shedding a few tears but I am only sad for me and my family,  not for him because I know he passed away as a happy man with a happy life, he had the gift to be able to pass in his own home he has lived in for at least 38 years with his family surrounding him and he will always be there.  I stopped by the house today, and could tell he wasn’t there physically but I felt him there and that is how I always want it to be.  Home.


Oh one more thing..

   He always carried a pen and notebook with him.  During the viewing his wife put a pen in his pocket but she didn’t have a notebook so I made him one..

Inside:  I love you.

Ok, are you ready for our next project????

Ellen at Card Monkey’s Paper Jungle

is your next stop she is always a pleasure to visit!

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