It’s a digi idea or make it a sketch idea!

Whatever you are into… I bought a digi book thinking it would have some Photoshop tips and ideas in it, there were a few but not as much I expected.  Well I had started a baby book for my daughter who is 5 now, and of course still working on it from the time she came home from the hospital.  Last night my daughter was looking through the book and said mom will you make one of those for me… she loves babies and this layout was of a baby boy.  I knew this would come easy as I make my own papers in Photoshop, I was pleased that I had it done and printed in an hour or under.  Now that I have the EpsonR200, the print was more amazing than the screen.  So I am showing this to paper crafters for a sketch idea and digi scrapbookers for ideas on technique for themselves.  Sometimes we feel like we have to duplicate everything exactly on a sketch but you can use any image of anything with an paper color of your choice.  One thing I do love about occasional digi scrapping is it is ALL at my fingertips.  No shopping, unless I need to download a brush, font or shape, I may hunt a freebee down but it is all done right here in my home.  I can even order ink on Amazon!  lol.

Enough with the soapbox and onto the amazing 8×8 layout I made for my daughter.

I was just thinking this would also be a great puppy layout design too. I made my layout by opening a high res canvas and adding the layer style pattern.   Making each paper that way, I would flatten the paper and make a copy of the cut out piece.  Then drag the cut out layer onto the main design.  Adding borders through layer styles and a journaling tag from a freebee download.

I hope you have enjoyed my post.  If you would like to COMMENT you will make my day 🙂  I sure would love to know if you are into digi scrapping too and would like to know if offering technique tutorials is something you want to know.  I like to hear from my readers what they would like to see, it helps me get more ideas to improve your blogging experience.  For paper crafters, it’s a great sketch for ideas for your own layouts.  Have a great crafty weekend!

Polka Dot with a twist blog hop from Lorby’s World of hops

Umpa. Umpa. Umpa. We are celebrating National Polka Day but adding a twist. Polka is to music and to DOT so we have created things that have POLKA DOTS on them. How fun! Instead of making Polka music our talented crafters have made things with dots on them.

 Start with Lorby’s World ( and don’t forget to leave a comment and become a follower of hers because she’s giving away something or other.

So , here is my take on the polka dot theme.  I am on vacation and didn’t have to many crafty polka-dotted things with me so I started in Photoshop making my own polka dot papers and just dotted away!

I never realized there were so many ways to make polka dots look different!  Using Photoshop Cs5 , some downloaded seamless patterns, shapes and brushes I made this 2 page layout completely filled with polka-dots!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you have enjoyed my project. If you would like to win this layout, whether you want me to fill it with your pictures for you or if you want me to send it to you and you can fill it yourself, all you have to do is make a comment letting me know what you like about it.   I am going to start doing some Photoshop tutorials,  one of them will be on how to make your own papers in Photoshop.  If you would like to stay tuned and not miss it you can subscribe to my blog via email or through network blogs.  If not and want to just leave a comment I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about this digital creation I have made from scratch. I do know people have strong opinions whether they like digital or not, but I like a mix of both because each has its own special thing about it.


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