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            News >> Industry news >> How is the electrophoretic coating equipment composed?



            How is the electrophoretic coating equipment composed?


            Electrophoretic coating equipment is composed of electrophoresis tank, stirring device, paint filtering device, temperature adjustment device, paint management device, DC power supply device, water washing device after electrophoretic coating, ultrafiltration device, baking device, spare tank, etc.

            1. Tank body

            According to the different conveying methods of the workpiece, the tank body is divided into two types of boat-shaped grooves and rectangular grooves. Generally, boat-shaped grooves are suitable for continuous-pass electrophoretic coating production lines, and rectangular grooves are suitable for intermittent vertical lifting electrophoretic coating production lines.

            2.Circular stirring system

            The circulating stirring system is circulated in two parts: the inner part and the outer part. The function is to ensure the uniform composition and temperature of the paint liquid in the entire electrophoresis tank and prevent the paint liquid pigments from sedimenting.

            3. Electrode device

            The electrode device is composed of an electrode plate, a diaphragm cover and an auxiliary electrode.

            4. Temperature control system

            Generally, the temperature of electrophoretic coating is 20 ~ 30 degrees. The paint liquid temperature will increase significantly when the temperature is high or continuous production. In order to ensure the quality of the paint film, the paint liquid must be cooled. Circulating groundwater cooling and cooling tower cooling Or freezer forced cooling. In the cold winter, you need to heat up and heat up the heat exchanger. There are jackets, serpentine tubes, flat plates and tubular tubes. Besides the jacket structure, other heat exchangers can use the circulation pump of the external circulation system. The paint liquid is cooled or heated through a heat exchanger.

            5. Paint supply device

            The replenishing device is composed of a paint replenishing tank, an electric stirrer, a filter, an infusion pump, etc., and is arranged near the electrophoresis tank, and is connected to the electrophoresis tank by pipes, valves.

            6. Ventilation system

            For continuous-pass electrophoresis tank, the top ventilation device can be used, which consists of exhaust hood, centrifugal fan, exhaust pipe and so on. For vertical lift type electrophoresis tanks, generally only the side of the tank can be used.

            7. Power supply device

            Grounding methods: There are two types of cathode grounding and anode grounding. The anode grounding can be divided into electrode grounding and tank grounding.

            Power-on method: There are two ways to electrify the electrophoresis:

            Water washing equipment after electrophoresis coating

            After the workpiece is electrophoretic coated, it will bring out the non-electrodeposited paint liquid when it leaves the electrophoresis tank. It must be washed away with water, otherwise the paint film will be rough, and even the "redissolution" of the deposited paint film can be caused The coating film has poor protection.

            Water washing methods can be divided into direct cleaning, single-stage cycle cleaning and multi-stage cycle cleaning.

            There are two types of water-washing equipment after electrophoretic coating: dipping and spraying. Sometimes these two types are combined to improve efficiency.

            Electrophoretic coating ultrafiltration system

            The electrophoresis coating ultrafiltration system is an extremely important link to maintain the stability of the electrophoresis bath, improve the quality of coating, and reduce environmental pollution. It is a closed water cycle washing system that combines ultrafiltration (UF), electrophoresis tank and water washing equipment after electrophoresis. It can be divided into single-stage, two-stage or multi-stage water washing systems. The structure of single-stage cycle washing system is relatively simple, but It is only suitable for small batch production lines, and generally adopts multi-stage cycle flushing system.


            (1) Using water-soluble paint and water as the dissolving medium, which saves a lot of organic solvents, greatly reduces atmospheric pollution and environmental hazards, is safe and hygienic, and avoids the hidden danger of fire;

            (2) The coating efficiency is high, the coating loss is small, and the utilization rate of the coating can reach 90% to 95%;

            (3) The thickness of the coating film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and the coating quality is good. Uniform and smooth paint films can be obtained in various parts of the workpiece such as the inner layer, depressions, welds, etc., which solves other coating methods for complex shaped workpieces Coating problems

            (4) High production efficiency, construction can realize automatic continuous production, greatly improving labor efficiency;

            (5) The equipment is complicated, the investment cost is high, the power consumption is large, the temperature required for drying and curing is high, the management of paints and coatings is complicated, the construction conditions are strict and wastewater treatment is required;

            (6) Only water-soluble paint can be used, and the color cannot be changed during the coating process. The stability of the paint over a long period of time is difficult to control.


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