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            News >> Industry news >> Why do you like to use a grinding robot for grinding?



            Why do you like to use a grinding robot for grinding?


            In the field of industrial manufacturing, many products have burrs in the production process, which need to be processed at a later stage. Previously, they were manually polished. With the development of technology, grinding robots have appeared. Why do you like to use robots for grinding? Hurry up and take a look at the detailed introduction brought by Xiaobian, hoping to help everyone. Industrial robots need to pay attention to routine maintenance if they want to greatly increase production efficiency and reduce the failure rate of robots. The maintenance of industrial robots is particularly important in production, which directly affects the service life of the robot system. So how to maintain the industrial grinding robot? Today, Xiao Bian recommended some maintenance techniques for the grinding robot, hoping to help everyone.

            Why do you like to use a grinding robot for grinding? Hand-held pneumatic, power tools for grinding, grinding, filing and other methods for deburring processing can easily lead to increased product failure rate, low efficiency, rough and uneven surface of the processed product, and other problems. Compared with grinding, robot deburring can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product yield. Moreover, the traditional casting cleaning technology uses the principle of position control. Because of the need to determine the robot's running path as accurately as possible, the programming is complicated and time-consuming.

            With the development of robotic force control technology, the use of floating mechanisms and knives can be used to remove burrs flexibly as human hands slide over the burrs of the workpiece, which can effectively avoid causing tool and workpiece damage, and absorb errors in the workpiece and positioning. Power control software consists of two advanced core functions. One is the pressure control function. When the robot performs grinding and polishing of the casting, this function can keep the pressure of the tool on the workpiece always the same. The other is the variable speed control function. When the robot deburrs the casting surface or parting line, When deflashing operation, this function can continuously control its operation speed, and it can automatically decelerate when encountering large bumps.

            The robot base and arm always need to be cleaned regularly. If using solvents, avoid using strong solvents such as acetone, and high-pressure cleaning equipment can also be used, but direct spray to the robot should be avoided. To prevent static electricity, do not wipe with a dry cloth. Hollow the wrist, if necessary, clean it as necessary to avoid accumulation of dust and particles, clean with a lint-free cloth, and add a small amount of petrolatum or similar substances to the surface of the watch after cleaning to facilitate future cleaning.

            The inspection of the robot includes checking whether the bolts are loose or slipping; whether the easy loosening part is normal; whether the gear shift is complete; whether the operating system safety protection and safety devices are flexible and reliable; checking whether the equipment is corroded, hit, pulled away and Oil leakage, water, electricity and other phenomena, the surrounding ground is clean and tidy, free of oil pollution, sundries, etc .; check the lubrication situation, and regularly add a fixed amount of lubricant.

            軸 The axis brake test of industrial robot is to determine whether the brake works normally, because during the operation, the motor brake of each axis will wear normally and must be tested. The test method is as follows: a. Run the robot axis to the corresponding position, where the total weight of the robot arm and all loads reach the maximum value (maximum static load); b. The motor is powered off; c. Check whether all axes are maintained in place. If the robot does not change position when the motor is powered off, the braking torque is sufficient. The robot can also be moved to check if further protective measures are needed. When the mobile industrial robot comes to an emergency stop, the brakes help stop it, so wear may occur. Therefore, repeated testing is required during the life of the machine to verify that the machine maintains its original capacity.

            In the daily operation process, operators of industrial robots must have professional training, knowledge of safe operation, and be familiar with the daily maintenance of the robot, so that the grinding robot can achieve its full potential. Using the grinding robot for grinding can help improve processing Effect, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, speed up programming progress, shorten cycle time, and reduce production costs. This is one of the reasons why robots are chosen for grinding. It is believed that in the near future, with the development of robot technology, polishing robots will be used by more and more enterprises.

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