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Hello my name is Lissa pronounced normal as in “Lisa”.   (Just thought I would toss that in!) This is an about me page in case you are wondering who I am and how I do it all. Well, I don’t even know how I do it all because I know I don’t, I give huge credits to my wonderful husband and my son who helps with my daughter as well.

I married to a patient man who loves me no matter how crazy I get!   I am 46 years old and  have two stepsons who are grown and 2 children at home with me, they are 15 and 7.   Yes, nothing like spreading them out over time!

I was a late bloomer in life and didn’t get married until age 32.  At the time of our wedding, getting it all organized, making my own centerpieces, flowers, wrapping tule around everywhere to make the perfect storybook wedding I discovered the knack for crafts. Right after the wedding I took a photography course at the college, fell in love with scrapbooking and also took a cake decorating class.  As the cake decorating was pretty cool making cakes after a year or two for friends and family, it wore off in a couple of years and the love for photography became much stronger.

I was taking alot of pictures of my son but one day taking pictures of him wasn’t enough.  My confidence grew and  started a part-time business doing Senior Portraits, on-location photography called “Personal Touch Portraits”  One of my customers helped me come up with the name from being so personal and caring for the client’s needs.  The business was doing great and lovin’ it but the ole’ biological clock was ticking and I had to make up my mind of what I wanted when it came to having another child or a having a business.  There was no time to wait any longer.  I wanted a girl so badly so then we started trying for one and the results were just amazing.  We had a girl!

Well, getting pregnant slowed me down but I still had to have a hobby.  Being pretty efficient in Photoshop I discovered the artsy side of Photoshop and started digital scrapbooking along with traditional.   I received a Cricut for a Christmas gift a few years ago and every since I have been paper craft crazy.  I have gone through many different levels from a beginner just like everyone else to growing into blogging, organizing the Krazy Crafting Crew for the last couple years and  recently became a Close to my Heart consultant to specialize in Studio J.  I have gained a position on Julianna Kneipp’s blogging team as a blog writer and how found that writing and teaching is another love I have discovered.  It inspires me to do YouTube videos teaching people how to use Photoshop, Studio J, and what ever else I feel like sharing.  In the last year or so I graduated to a Silhouette Cameo, I absolutely love paper crafts, and do it any chance I can!   Loving to do something new each and every time, it seems endless.  You can see my random acts of posting on the calendar for those who are looking to subscribe will know what to expect as far as emails, it isn’t every day like some but I do try to post at least once a week.

Working full time and having family… is where the name for my blog sounded so perfect. ” So many crafts, So little time.”   Going full force, having so many ideas and overwhelmed with all I want to do, there is no time to get it all done.  I have not given up on my photography, some day I will get into the business again but right now I enjoy my family time, and spending those hours taking photos of my family when the light is right.

I hope you enjoy the blog, all the encouragement is so appreciated it makes me feel like it’s all worth it in the end, even if it was just a silly little card, just because.

Lissa Marie


  1. Barbie Burrows says:

    Hello Lissa,
    I have been following you for about a month now and I have to say, your designs are amazing. You truly have a creative side and passion for all your crafting.
    I would love to see some of you Personal Touch Portraits, or to learn more about your photoshop, of course when my little ones (12&10) are a bit older, I too will have time to play.
    Keep up with the great blog, love to check in with you.
    See you around the Cricut Message Board

  2. Julia Becker says:

    Lissa where are you?? You mentioned Packwood-soooo it has to be close to Morton(have gone to the packwood event for over 30 yrs.). My email addy. is ourmariah@comcast.net & my name is Julia Becker.

Your comments encourage me to craft more!

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