I thought I would write an article about things I love and would recommend there are so many people who ask, what camera do you use? What software are you using; so on a so forth that I am going to just give you the whole list of must haves for my hobbies!

Now here is the long version if you like to read in one article, as I add new things, I will will be putting them in categories, I do hope you enjoy this page and find it useful for a buying guide.  I wouldn’t stear you wrong, some are diehard Nikin fans but just remember it is all about what you prefer!

First off I am going to talk about Photography. It is no secret that I am a diehard Canon fan, I don’t think I would switch if I could.  For fun and light weight use,
I love my Canon G-11, since purchasing this camera the G-12 and G-15 have been released.

I believe you can probably find any of those models at still new in box, they all are amazing. Of course each new one comes out with little different features. If you click on the image you like, it will take you to with that item and all the specs are in there with the item and price.  You can price compare the and read all about it.  I another favorite thing I have IS I love ordering from the ones that say fulfilled by amazon because they guarantee their products. If you sign up to become an Amazon Mom

You get free shipping for a year on anything you purchase. No need to leave home to go shopping because Amazon has everything and most of the time cheaper too!

I got a little off topic here, back to the camera!  It is an amazing point and shoot camera, as I could not recommend any other then this one. It isn’t cheap but saving your quarters in a jar will definitely help you achieve this goal. I love this camera because it is light weight for travel and parties, it doesn’t have as much of the shutter lag that most point and shoots have and it also has many capabilities that a DSLR has with a little knowledge. Knowing your camera is a must no matter what brand you buy, but what is so great about this camera is you can use it in auto or manual, have the option to shoot in RAW format or Jpeg, it has video capabilities, since owning this camera I have not touched my camcorder at all. My shooting style is quick clips of what we are doing and this is perfect for me. You can buy lens adaptors,

And a big that sold me on the G-11 is the option to get an external flash.

This really helps with red-eye in low light situations and flexibility for bouncing flash, to soften the light. I have yet to purchase this, since I have my flash for the DSLR but I will someday, it’s on my wish list because nothing beats an off camera flash in most situations and I do love my G-11 for family functions and point and shoot moments.

Are you ready for something more serious?
I have been doing photography on and off for many years now and started with the Canon 10D, to the 30D to the 60D.
Of course there is a newer model 60Da, but if you notice that I don’t upgrade every model, maybe every other model or two. I am very satisfied.
When I got the 60D I felt complete. 18 megapixel camera I can do wall size prints if I wanted, along with the video clippings, and the quality of the image are just outstanding. I never buy a DSLR with the lens or a kit, I buy body only. Then choose the lens that I want. I am a portrait photographer and in love with the Canon 28-135 Image Stabilizer lens, it fits all my needs.

Yes, these babies are not cheap but so worth the money you won’t ever want to go back. As I love my G-11 it is tough not to bring my DSLR with me for its amazing speed and quality.
If you can’t quite afford the 60D and still want great quality and speed, the Canon Rebel T4i
Can be the right camera for you too, to grow with learn to love and still have exceptional quality. I have owned Sigma and Tamron lenses  in the past when I had my 10D and my film SLR cameras; they are a copy of Canon’s products. They are very do-able and less money, with wider aperture, or more focal length with good quality. Sometimes the features are better for the money but as I said, I am a diehard fan of Canon and I believe sticking with the same product they are sure to go hand in hand. The off brand lenses also are bigger (wider) and heavier to carry around. It would be the bomb to have a great focal length at 2.8 for the price of this nice Sigma 18-200 (shown above)

But of course these companies can’t give to much or they wouldn’t be able to sell the variety that they do!

Don’t forget your memory cards and extra batteries to go with your gear. One thing about memory cards, for these cameras that have video you will need SDHC, the higher the class it is the faster it will read and write, I don’t like spending a lot on memory cards but I don’t want the bottom of the barrel. Amazon has the best deal I have ever found for memory cards class 4 will be the lowest but the Extreme 16 GB is the perfect card to make room for larger files such as raw images or video. 16 GB may be a bit much if you don’t do either, but SanDisk or Transcend are great brands and reliable cards.  DVD’s to back up your images.  As I always have two back up methods, that I will discuss soon.

At last, a great bag is a must. I carry my gear in a feminine style camera bag by  Epiphanie, the Stella

I would love to have something a little bigger since I have much more gear to carry if I were to shoot a wedding. This is a great bag for a day trip.
When I bought it, it was a tossup between the Stella and the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag

I wished I had of gotten the hobo just because the Stella bags is a tight fit for my gear and hard to zip up, as the hobo can be like a messenger bag on the go and it is skinnier but taller. I would love both for different occasions but I suppose I can’t have it all.

Now that you are all geared up

(am always and enabler, mawhawha ha) you will need some good tools to go with it. I can’t recommend a computer because my husband is the computer expert, not me.. I have an Asus, Intel i5 core AMB processer, 64 bit system running Windows 7, 2 terabyte hard drive that fit all my needs. Here is one similar to the one I have but again probably the next model up,

Before this computer Photoshop would lag so slow it was hard to sit here and work on it, this thing is a breeze when it is not loaded down. To prevent blogging it down with all my fun downloads and massive picture and video files I use a 1Tb Toshiba portable hard drive.  This is my first method of storage/back up, but in case of a crash I have everything on cd, that is important to me.

This is a fun little hard drive I can carry from my home computer to my laptop with all my files on it, for the use of Photoshop designing, scrapbooking or storing pictures when the card gets full on a great camping trip.

Since I love digital scrapbooking and love photography.  This Epson Stylus Photo R2000 wide format printer.
This is an awesome printer for creating your 12×12 pages or making your own digital designed papers, prints on cd’s make banners and more… this monster is the bomb! If I am doing regular size prints the Epson Premium luster paper is as professional looking as you can get.  The best deal I have ever found for genuine ink refills are on amazon, I was very Leary of these inks being so cheap but then I read the reviews and tried them, couldn’t be happier for the price!

Last but not least you will have to have a copy of good editing software for your images. I always recommend buying a
Bamboo Create Pen tablet
because it comes with Photoshop Elements. If you were to buy Elements alone it is $99.00, for the extra comfort in a tablet, (I also own the Wacom Graphire 4×5) you can choose whatever size but this tablet is the bomb for comfort and the extra software the comes with it is worth the price. It includes Photoshop Elements a MUST HAVE, Corel Painter Essentials, and Auto Desk Sketchbook Express. I have been using Photoshop for so long that I have been able to upgrade to Photoshop CS5.  Your software and camera equipment is something that goes hand in hand,  as they support each other’s files. Just like software does when the operating systems get better the older software’s don’t work on the new OS. The biggest difference between the full version like I use (CS5) and Elements is the color management tools. Otherwise the Bamboo Create with Elements will be much more user friendly for you. Photoshop is a learning curve but learning it now compared to when I learned it, it’s pretty easy to type up a tutorial on youtube and find what you want to know.

If you want to get serious about color management and calibrating your monitor the
Data Color spyder4Pro

Is handy to have

This is all I have for you for now. I hope you have enjoyed gandering over my favorite things, I am a girly nerd but not to girly nor to nerdy! I just love to have fun and will show you soon where I get my inspiration; some of it is already on my sidebar. This is all I have for now. Thank you for reading it was a pleasure to write it for you!

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Soon to come, my next article will be “My favorite things” on Scrapbooking and card making supplies, then I will do another on good reads and inspiration!

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