Cannon G series camera and accesories

First off I am going to talk about Photography. It is no secret that I am a die-hard Canon fan, I don’t think I would switch if I could.  For fun and light weight use, I love my Canon G-11, since purchasing this camera the G-12 and G-15 have been released.

I believe you can probably find the older models as well at still new in box, they all are amazing. Of course each new one comes out with little different features. If you click on the image, it will take you to with that item and all the specs are in there with the item and price.  You can price compare the and read all about it. I know they took away the flip out feature in the G-15, but the camera itself still WoW’s me when using one.  I another favorite thing I have is and being a prime member. I love ordering from the ones that say “fulfilled by amazon” because they guarantee their products, I have personally experienced this and they are amazing. If you sign up to become an Amazon Mom you get free overnight shipping too for one year on anything you purchase. No need to leave home to go shopping because Amazon has everything and most of the time cheaper too!

I got a little off topic here, back to the camera!  It is an amazing point and shoot camera, as I could not recommend any other then this one. It isn’t cheap but saving your quarters in a jar will definitely help you achieve this goal. I love this camera because it is light weight for travel and parties, it doesn’t have as much of the shutter lag that most point and shoots have and it also has many capabilities that a DSLR has with a little knowledge. Knowing your camera is a must no matter what brand you buy, but what is so great about this camera is you can use it in auto or manual, have the option to shoot in RAW format or Jpeg, it has video capabilities, since owning this camera I have not touched my camcorder at all. My shooting style is quick clips of what we are doing and this is perfect for me. You can buy lens adaptors,


And a big that sold me on the G-11 is the option to get an external flash.

This really helps with red-eye in low light situations and flexibility for bouncing flash, to soften the light. I have yet to purchase this, since I have my flash for the DSLR but I will someday, it’s on my wish list because nothing beats an off camera flash in most situations and I do love my G-11 for family functions and point and shoot moments.

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