Computers and hardware

Now that you are all geared up

(am always and enabler, mawhawha ha) you will need some good tools to go with it. I can’t recommend a computer because my husband is the computer expert, not me.. I have an Asus, Intel i5 core AMB processer, 64 bit system running Windows 7, 2 terabyte hard drive that fit all my needs. Here is one similar to the one I have but again probably the next model up,

Before this computer Photoshop would lag so slow it was hard to sit here and work on it, this thing is a breeze when it is not loaded down. To prevent blogging it down with all my fun downloads and massive picture and video files I use a 1Tb Toshiba portable hard drive.  This is my first method of storage/back up, but in case of a crash I have everything on cd, that is important to me.

This is a fun little hard drive I can carry from my home computer to my laptop with all my files on it, for the use of Photoshop designing, scrapbooking or storing pictures when the card gets full on a great camping trip.

I also take my little Logitech wireless mouse everywhere I go,

Since going to windows 7 it is much easier to manage then my trackball that I was using and loved so much.  You can’t leave these babies sitting upside down though, always turn them off when not in use or not flat on a mouse pad or what ever you use that is smooth, it works the battery to much and runs out way to fast.

Next to my mouse is my other MUST have is a Bamboo Create.  Now I own that and a smaller older tablet called the Wacom Graphire, these are not tablets you will want to skimp on.   Wacom knows their stuff and if you take the time to set your setting right, you can make it perfect for your style.

If you want to get serious about color management and calibrating your monitor the Data Color spyder4Pro

This handy to have pecially when going to the pro versions of Photoshop.  It will dramatically make a difference in Elements as well.   You see what you get inprint with this little baby, no more guessing and printing with ugly color casts.

Your comments encourage me to craft more!

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