“How to take better Photos of People for your scrapbooking layouts”

—Be prepared, you can’t take the picture if you leave your camera at home or half way across the room only to realize the moment is gone.  Not that you must have it attached to your hip but when the kiddies start bouncing that is a key moment to be ready.

— If you have a point and shoot camera with shutter lag, shoot a second or two before the anticipated moment to capture the expressions and action of the shot.

— Don’t be afraid to take more than one shot, take alot.  You may be capturing a once in a lifetime moment by getting shutter happy!



Fun Times

—Crop out distracting backgrounds, like our old dead ugly bushes!  If the background has meaning to you that you want to remember, there are usually ways that you can crop and get the unnessesary space with leaving the “waisted space” in the story.  This gives the viewer focus soley on the subject.

 You can achieve this with paper trimmers or  in photoshop.  I think I should come up with a tutorial on how to crop them in photoshop while keeping your aspect ratio (4×6, 5×7, 8×10 ect…) the same as the standard size print, hmmm.  I will have to get on that!

—This is for us Memory Keepers.  We all love those projects that the kids bring home and want to keep them forever right? Well most of us don’t have room to store all those projects, boxes get filled fast and then it starts taking up much of your needed space.  Before you get the guilty feeling of taking it of the fridge,  and reaching to the garbage., take a picture to preserve the memories forever and cherish your “space” for years to come.

Stay tuned for more tips on photography tutorials as I will be adding new articles once a month.


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