It has been forever since I have posted! Scrapbook layout inspiration, or is it?

I apologize to my readers, stick with me and I promise I will be back.  I blew up my laptop and desktop with a bad surge protector and just have been grabbing what I can when I can if I can’t craft on a tablet.  Without my own computer and Photoshop on it, I think my mojo has focused a different direction. I have hope though, for a new computer soon we will see! 

For now, I am kinda sad because my kids are going through this stage where they don’t want their pictures taken.  My son doesn’t want to be embarrassed by everyone on the football team, which infuriates me because I know all other mom’s are getting them and all I really need is one good one after a game I don’t care how sweaty and tired he looks.  I didn’t get the package and he didn’t do the individual.  He is second string so I don’t even get a alot of photo time in the game.  When he hike’s I can’t even see him but my big lens does come in handy so videos are it.  My daughter.. well a different story but I am hoping to get some today after making this.   I made her a mardi gras mask last night, she likes it so I may get a couple out of her. 

I saw this sketch on my facebook page from the Canadian Scrapbooker page.  I love love love them! It instantly inspired me to get up and make a layout.  I feel like my family is disappearing in a block of time since we don’t get out much anymore and do a lot, so our family is disappearing not being documented.  I gave the project life a shot but I am having a hard time with it.  As a photographer most my photos are vertical and they just don’t fit in my pages as easily as most ametuer photographers would be able to just slip them in.  So again I need my photoshop to preplan the pages and print out the little ones, which is annoying.  I don’t want my scrapbooking to die.  I just simply have to figure out what works for me. Plus I am just going to have to force it and think of non expensive ways to play. 


I was looking up kids crafts looking for something to do with my daughter, I found some free stuff to trace that is how I came up with some shapes then cut them on the Cameo.

I have been crafting a little, making labels for people that turned out super awesome, a t-shirt transfer for the first time, will be posted this week.  I have done a few things to post soon.  So hang in there.  Hope to see you then!


Hello friend, Hybrid Card

IMG_3577Hi this is Lissa here, showing you a little hybrid work on what you can do with Julianna’s wonderful digital elements, from the Sweet Shoppe Designs.  Today I have made a friendship card, I loved the idea of using her butterfly and making it 3D.  There were so many elements in her kit “A friend like you” it was hard to choose what to put on the card!

I used the standard 4.5×5 card, and just started adding the elements that I wanted into the Silhouette DE software.  Yes, you do not have to have additional software to make these beautiful elements to print and cut.  I arranged them just so, then printed with the registration marks showing, then put the paper into the Cameo Silhouette.  I just LOVE my machine!  When the cut was all done I took an Xacto knife and cut into the rose to add a layered look.  Now I love my machine even more doing hybrid things… oh I have a really good project for you next month to excited not to bust it out!  Not just a card or a layout.  It is something fun fun fun!  So stay tuned to Julianna’s blog for details.