What a wonderful weekend.

We had planned on going out of town Friday, but ended up deciding to spend our time together with just us as a family.  It was so needed more than I realized.  We tend to get wrapped up in the busy life then the extended family celebrations and more then end up exhausted.  So Friday we had an awesome day just hanging together, spent the morning with my family in the same room with them, lol…  I bought a book of questions for conversation, brought that out and and after hearing some of his answers other than all the answers about the super mega million, I learned even more about how much he loves me.   then out shopping with hubby and kids for me a fishing pole, I wanted my own.  I got a nice deep red and black ugly stick pole, very nice.  Came home barbiqued steak, the best ever. Then off to the firework show.

Now I am off and on with how much I love to fish, I don’t mind throwing the reel, reeling it in and taking care of it or even baiting the hook, or cleaning the fish but sometimes I think I am giving him the favor of being there just so he can fish with two poles!  That way I can play, take care of the little one and get rid of my nausea after the car ride of winding roads. So I sat on my but and created on my tablet, took pics of the kids of course.  Collin was the only one to catch a little silver but that is ok, the day couldn’t have been more perfect in lack of the car sickness.

In the meantime I had downloaded an image from a coloring page.  Digitally colored it in, now that I am home went to print it to put it on a card but then got carried away just adding things to it digitally just to visualize, now it looks like a great email to send to my husband next week out of the blue.  He is such a doll, he is an amazing man.  He is the only one for me, no matter how times and trials can get ugly in a marriage, he will always be the one for me even if I am rolling my eyes at the time and I know he loves me and the kids more than he loves his self.  As he really rolls his eyes because we are the crazy ones!  LOL

Enough of the sap… Here is my image I colored in on my Nexus and printed then went all the way… I wasn’t sure if I should put a heart or an anchor!  LOL




Well thanks for you time to see the inspiration.  Digital coloring is amazing sometimes.  We are not little kids but we surely are big kids!  I just know that he is the only one for me.

Thank God for Fridays!

Because Thursday nights I get to craft!  Better yet, if I can make another 8 hours tomorrow, I will be on the weekend like nobody’s business!   So I just made a simple Thank You Card just for fun.  I absolutely LOVE this DCWV the Bella Armoire stack.  It’s a bit of a close up but I took the picture with my iPhone and had to crop in…


I was going through my inspiration folder and thought I had made one like this before, they all look the same to me after awhile because I don’t venture out much from the sentiment and a ribbon but I liked it.  As as I was going through the stack they had a page of 6×6 squares, I cut them down to 3 x 5.25 (well the bottom pattern was a full sheet but that is the measurement for each pattern paper.)   I thought I had a light pink ribbon on hand but didn’t so I used the cream color ribbon.  Printed sentiment and wala done.   The base is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2.  The layer of ribbon going across is doubled so you can’t see through then a bow pop dotted on where every I liked.  I wish I knew who to give credit to but unfortunatly it was just a saved image for inspiration without a signature.

Wait!  There is more news!  I do not have the Scrapbook Stamp Society winner yet to announce but I do have my blog candy winner to announce.

Drum roll please….

That would be





Karon H, from Karen’s Krafty Korner

So, Karen I know you are a faithful follower and I won’t even have to email you for this one since you are one of my top commenters as well, believe it or not Random.org picked you and I feel you deserve it.  I am going to make you anything digital of your needs, may it be a blog button, time line banner, business cards, we will chat!  So congradulations Karon

(applause please)

Please contact me and let me know you can contact me on Facebook or email, either way.

Have a great weekend… Coming Sunday I am in the “Be Mine” Valentine hop so be sure to be there!


An easy “Get Well Soon” Card

You may be seeing a lot of post from me this month as I have found out that after a trip to the hospital and some testing done, we have found out that my mom has emphysema, possibly late stage.  Right now she is in a facility to watch over her and make sure she is doing what she is supposed to be doing, and nursing her back to health.  She is 5’2 and 70 lbs.  She always has been a tiny little thing but this is gone beyond tiny.  She is a state a way from us, feeling helpless as can be, even if I could be with her right now there is nothing I can do to make her better.  I have been calling her like crazy (maybe she would get better if I would quit calling her) and trying to educate myself on what it is all about.  In the mean time my heart is just reaching out to her.  One thing about my crafts, is I never make it in the mail!  One time I did and I swear she about fell over.  So if I have to make her a card a day while she is staying in her new home for the next couple weeks, and help cheer her on, I will.  I love my momma, I don’t care how old you get you always still feel that kid inside of you that needs her and wants her with you.  We have had a crazy life together but I wouldn’t be who I am without having her love for me.  So it is late I was in bed but I got up because my heart hurts so badly for her, I needed to make her something.

I don’t know if I can go 14 days in a row making cards, but I am sure gonna give it a whirl.  Here is my day one.


Mom, if you get the chance to have your laptop with you while you are there, or when you get home you will see this post but I know you probably won’t until you get home.  Don’t be mad at me for telling the world about you, I love you and I want you better.  I’m gonna do my best to send you cards to make you have a reason to smile each day.

On the crafty side of things, this was an easy card to put together just using a rectangle piece, a border strip, ribbon then a bordered sentimate with a bow on top to finish it off.  Here is the sentimate for you as a freebee if you would like to use it too.

GetwellsoonJust right-click on the image and save it to your computer then you can print it out. this is PNG format so when you print it, the background will be whatever color you choose to print it on.

I hope you have enjoyed this sketch, sorry about the sad story but when it rains it pours doesn’t it?  Some of you know about my father who just passed.  (they have been divorced over 40 years) And various people I know going through the same trama with the loved ones in their lives.  A special friend of mine made my problems look small when I thought my situation was bad, at least I don’t have grandkids to look after as well as my own family, parents and in-laws all at the same time.  Bless her heart keeping it together.

If you would like to comment on my card, I would love to hear what you have to say, if you like my work I would love for you to hit he “like” button on the side bar facebook badge for my new fan page, where you can scroll through albums of my work without scrolling through posts after post or chasing down categories.

Have a scrappy weekend!


Do you just love Jute or twine? Here is the place to be if you do!

Welcome to the first My Life in Arts n’ Crafts design team blog hop.

I’m please to announce that I am on her team with a group of talented ladies and one gentleman as the guest designer, on Saturday than Melissa on both days.

Jessi asked us to feature Jute today so here I am with my card and a little jute to hold up this stinkin’ cute little banner!  Using my favorite DCWV Rustic paper pack, I LOVE this card!  She sure helped it out by using the Jute for the accent.

There are some amazing products in the store over there. Some of these products   you are not used to seeing, I’m sure.

This is a two-day hop so make sure you come back tomorrow, we will be featuring the Twine… who doesn’t love twine?  She has a selection of 18 wonderful different colors from he twinery available in the My Life in Arts n’ Crafts shop.

It comes in 9 fabulous colors. I am using the brown jute.

I hope this hop inspires you to head over to pick up some goodies in the store.

Make sure to leave some comments on every ones blog because Jessi’s giving away some products from the store to commenters and subscribers.  My comment section is oddly at the top, depending on what browser you are using, I would love to hear what you have to say!

Now you can hop on over to…

                                  Melissa http://melllisssa.blogspot.com/


Here is your line up in case you need it :

Jessi http://mylifeinartsncrafts.blogspot.com/

Guest Designer – Tanner http://www.tannerbelldesigns.com/

Aangela http://creativecraftin.blogspot.com

Jearise http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com

Lissa  www.somanycrafts.com

Guest Designer – Melissa http://melllisssa.blogspot.com/

School’s out for the Summer Blog Hop Day 2

Sundays I make my projects quick and easy to make things simple for everyone.   Thank you for joining our Crazy Crafting Crew, this month’s theme, “School’s out for the Summer”   If yo didn’t start from the beginning, you should have come from Life’s Little Blessings, formally twochicsandacricut.

My project today is some cards for my 5-year-old daughter’s teachers, she is leaving preschool and I wanted to make the teacher’s goodbye cards for them they have been so good to her.  She has 3 teachers so this will be a fun project for the both of us.

I used the DCWV mat stack to make these cards and even had her trace “Thank You Teacher” through my light box on this last card.  Adding just random cricut embellishments and a little embossing made it fun and easy!

I hope you have enjoyed our projects.  We may be making more to with it soon (maybe a notebook or two is in order)  and more cards for other teachers.  It is so hard to leave anyone out!  I would love to have you follow my blog but not necessary, If you would like to sign up by email, we do hops minimum once a month.  When I give out freebies give out digital graphics for the winners!

Of you would like to leave a comment this blog has the comment link at the top of the post!

Your next stop is with  >> Card Monkey Business  and her inpirational talent and inspiration!

The “Man Card”

Hi again! Well we have a birthday coming up and I had to do the dreadful “man card”.  I was really surprised that I did so well on it because they are not easy to come by.


Using dcwv Rustic stack, I created this with some computer fonts for stamping.  Not much cricut here all it took was a paper cutter and printer, easy to make on a cold winter night.

Have a wonderful day!