Summer Santa?

Ya know when you work somewhere for so many years sometimes you see alot of people come and go.  But those who have been around for a while you take for granted the time that they are there and grow to care for them whether you get to know them well or if they are an acquaintance, they have touched your life somehow than the day comes, you say wow…. he/she is really going or gone.  I have been saying that alot lately with all of major changes in the last few months with management at all levels moving on in their lives, even though it didn’t come to a surprise to me that our general manager would leave some day. I took for granted that he would stay, at least a little longer then this.  He has done a great job in our industry, making goals, breaking records and trying to make it fun for everyone, giving each and everyone credit.  Never forgot to give out a birthday card, anniversary card, even when he ran out of the fancy frilly cards he buys at Costco, he still printed one out as if he didn’t skip a beat.

So enough with the sappy story, Here is a santa head I made with Paper Doll Dress up.  He held many Christmas Parties where he was Santa and we would use my camera to take pictures to give to the partners in folders.  So I added a couple extra pictures of him with my son on his lap, a boy whom he touch his heart so many years to take with him.  Of course my son doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but back then watching your own is amazing to see that smile.  As he has 5 kids of his own and they were at the party too, I am sure he won’t forget these days anyway but maybe this will remind him of what he has done for us and our children.  Tomorrow is his going away party. It’s a bit cutesy for a grown man but I think he will understand.

Ok, I admit my whole post was sappy.

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Refigerator Magnets


Just dinkin’ around one day thought I would make some refigerator magnets since the kids have so many of their own projects to hang on the fridge.  Collin loves to make paper dolls with me so we made a magnet for one of his dolls.  I was having fun with the snowman and football.  It was great to have new uses for vinyl!