What a wonderful weekend.

We had planned on going out of town Friday, but ended up deciding to spend our time together with just us as a family.  It was so needed more than I realized.  We tend to get wrapped up in the busy life then the extended family celebrations and more then end up exhausted.  So Friday we had an awesome day just hanging together, spent the morning with my family in the same room with them, lol…  I bought a book of questions for conversation, brought that out and and after hearing some of his answers other than all the answers about the super mega million, I learned even more about how much he loves me.   then out shopping with hubby and kids for me a fishing pole, I wanted my own.  I got a nice deep red and black ugly stick pole, very nice.  Came home barbiqued steak, the best ever. Then off to the firework show.

Now I am off and on with how much I love to fish, I don’t mind throwing the reel, reeling it in and taking care of it or even baiting the hook, or cleaning the fish but sometimes I think I am giving him the favor of being there just so he can fish with two poles!  That way I can play, take care of the little one and get rid of my nausea after the car ride of winding roads. So I sat on my but and created on my tablet, took pics of the kids of course.  Collin was the only one to catch a little silver but that is ok, the day couldn’t have been more perfect in lack of the car sickness.

In the meantime I had downloaded an image from a coloring page.  Digitally colored it in, now that I am home went to print it to put it on a card but then got carried away just adding things to it digitally just to visualize, now it looks like a great email to send to my husband next week out of the blue.  He is such a doll, he is an amazing man.  He is the only one for me, no matter how times and trials can get ugly in a marriage, he will always be the one for me even if I am rolling my eyes at the time and I know he loves me and the kids more than he loves his self.  As he really rolls his eyes because we are the crazy ones!  LOL

Enough of the sap… Here is my image I colored in on my Nexus and printed then went all the way… I wasn’t sure if I should put a heart or an anchor!  LOL




Well thanks for you time to see the inspiration.  Digital coloring is amazing sometimes.  We are not little kids but we surely are big kids!  I just know that he is the only one for me.