It’s the DYI Hybrid time. Pencil wraps from digi papers!

How fun is that? I have these pencils that I made for my daughter’s back to school fun. I like to decorate her glue sticks with washi tape and now her pencils I made a wrap. Of course the schools  have you buy a ton of them right off the bat and I have to have a ton at home too. So I made this for her pencil jar…


Here is a close up of the wraps using jute and twine to finish them off!  How cute!


Something special for you if you want to give it a try you can download the free printable SAMPLES OF WRAPS to make your own with Juliana and Traci’s kit they made together, as their Future is So Bright.  All you have to do is cut them apart, I used regular copy paper to print them on as cardstock was to think to stick.  ATG away and wrap it up!  Lots of fun goodies in there!

Have tons of fun… until next time…

A bad but good day with my son


I hope I have not been bombarding your email box, I normally don’t post this frequent!

My son hasn’t been feeling well, started in with a cough but I knew it wasn’t nasal drippage.  I bought him some medicine and it wasn’t getting better. We let him stay home a day and it was to late to get him in but the Dr office said he could come first thing in the morning.  I thought ok, I will just be a couple hours off work and then we will go about our business.

  So they check him out, then made me stay home with him so I can watch him closely and his breathing, she said he was on the edge of going to be hospitalized.  We canceled our trip out of town because he has to be seen again tomorrow at the clinic.  I felt so guilty not going into work but I thought I would make the best of it, so I treated him out to lunch and we have had a great day being together!

I am impressed how well things have gone today.  Usually on a day to day basis we are like black and white.  I say yes he says no, I say no he says yes!  Believe me that is not just being a teenager either! lol

After the morning out, we are now just zombified, he is tired from being sick and I am just ready for a nap!  Well I ended up doing a quick layout with Julianna’s Design’s.


I just love her work.  This one is from “A slice of the good life”  I saw the title and knew if I opened it, it would be perfect for this picture!


Isn’t this kit just wonderful?  If you like it you can find it at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Well I hope you have a wonderful day, I am going to go finish my game of Scrabble with my son!