It is “My Life in Arts n Crafts” DT Tuesday already!

Yes along with more product, more post so here we are with a little jute ribbon inspiration from My Life in Arts n Crafts Store.  Today I am going for a little home decor, using the jute ribbon again, it is so pretty.  I wrapped this candle with it, with two different colors and stuck a brad abovethe bow to give it a little more interest, I also love perals.

 I just love my beautiful candle!


It looks very Valentinish as the holiday is approaching!  If you would like to do a little home decor like this, Jessi has some in her Etsy Shop ready to order, she also has other kinds of jute, twine and more.  If you would like to see more inspirational projects with her line she is only a click away at

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Yes, i think I am a nut nut… addicted as it gets.

I have a confession, Last night while I was going through my scraps and making my scrappy layout I also decorated a 12×12 cardboard box for those little cutouts on a paper pack page, borders or whatever… I HAVE lost my mind!