Not alot of crafting going on here..

Just a bit here and there with my daughter, things get busy this time of year but I did take the time out to make my daughter a pencil holder since she goes through a pencil a day.


I made this with a Folgers coffee can.  I have posted this type of thing before from last year, this time hot glueing a little ribbon to the top, from My Life in Arts n Crafts Facebook page, she sells her twine jute and ribbon there.  I used DCWV page from one of their last year’s holiday stacks!  Fun Fun, can’t wait to craft again!

In the mean time I thought I would pop in and say hi!  I am still here, got our Christmas tree up today.  We are the kind of people who don’t decorate til later because we like the tree to stay alive til’ New Year’s day.  I have some gift giving crafts I can’t post just yet, but will sure do!

What are you making for gifts this year?

Kid’s craft and a winner from last weekend’s hop!

Last weekend we had the last hop of the year for KCC and I promised a Gift Card, drum roll please..

Cindy from Cindy’s Green Cricut 

won the $10.00 gift card of her choice!

Not alot there Cindy, don’t go to wild!  Merry Christmas anyway!


Now for a little kid crafting we made some Christmas trees with coffee filters.

I had this huge cone from making trees a couple of years ago, I couldn’t find it after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest on coffee filter cones this morning, thought it would be easy enough for me and my 6-year-old to do.  I got creative and used Ice Cream Cones instead!



When you get to the top you may want to make your skirt a little smaller.  I finished it off with a star from Julianna’s digital kit, “Light’s Camera, Action”  I had left over from making a card earlier this week.  Or you can use glitter paper as well.  I hope you have enjoyed this bit of kid crafting if you have kids to craft with!  I should have gone a little further and put some bling, twine and all kinds of stuff on it, but she bailed on me!   Until next time, have a wonderful 17 days left before Christmas!  The crazy time of year!

A quick Kinder Craft

Abby fell asleep tonight after a long day, so sometimes they just need that.  I let her sleep then about 8:30 she perked up and wanted to craft!  Oh boy I am ready for bed!   But to make my girl happy, she has no school tomorrow I said yes.   We were going though some old photos on the computer the other day and she got a kick out of these of when she was a baby, she thought it was the neatest thing she was eating her daddy’s nose!  So we made it a frame for Father’s day!


Just using foam board and a xacto knife I cut out the frame and put matboard on the back for a hard matting,  Let her decorate with foam stickers.  Soon those stickers he hates to see around the house he will love the love that was put into this one!

Happy Crafting