Hi this is Lissa Marie I am here to show you today a hybrid project that I made with Juliana Kneipp’s, “Camp your Adventure” Digital kit it comes in a bundle or you can buy them separately.  But first of all I want to show you what I have made with this kit!  I found this candy jar at a yard sale thinking I am going to etch something on this but then I was helping out another gal on the blogging team with a project she had planned and got carried away.  I made the shape with the pen tool in Photoshop, then opened up the template (shown below), resized it and clipped it to the shape and started adding in papers and elements! Didn’t it just turn out fabulous?  A little accent of ribbon gave it a pretty look, and printed out some journaling cards so I can have them available as I go, ready to put into the pocket pages!  I do traditional and digital pocket pages, so this is a win win for me!  Have those cards preprinted and write down those moments you don’t want to forget while you are still in the moment and store them for when you are ready to put them with your photos!


This was printed this on photo sticker paper so I can just stick it to the side, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t a flat surface until I had it printed so I used glue dots behind it which worked out just fine!

This is a preview of the whole bundle, it is cram packed full of goodies, printables, pocket cards or a kit with all the papers and goodies.  You can buy them separately or together.


I also used her “alot of photos” template that she had up for iNSD.  I am very pleased the way it turned out.I used the 3rd template shown here


Juliana would love for you to enjoy a printable download provided, I have changed the shape for you since this is not the usual shape you put on a jar or can, to accommodate other types of shaped holders.  You can even use a coffee can if you like.  I have made many pencil holders and such for things like this.   Use your imagination it goes far! You can get even more freebie kits and templates on Julianna’s Blog, she has tons of giveaways if you didn’t already grab them from iNSD!

Happy Hybrid Crafting!

I did my first Pocket Pages.. not convinced

I have had so many mixed feelings about how I want to get caught up with my years and years of scrapbooking.  I love traditional layouts, I love digital layouts but then these pocket pages came along and everyone says how EASY and quick it is.  I don’t know if it is because in the past I have printed 3×5 images planning to do 12×12 pages all these years or if it just isn’t me.  I see so many awesome project life documentation pages, I went to a blog yesterday the lady took 1600 photos in two weeks!  WoW!  My problem really is the restriction of vertical and horizontal because I do shoot both but I am a zoomer I love to zoom into my subject and fill the frame.  So any past photos I have printed (3×5), I just don’t think this is going to work. At least for my past photos.



First I used a project life box I bought, I don’t know if it is just the box theme that I chose or what but I had a hard time picking cards.  I could put backgrounds on the 3x5s and fill that space but that isn’t the point of pocket pages right?  It is suppose to be simple and easy.  I had this left over kitty element from Julianna Kneipp’s kit that I made earlier and put it over the strips to just add something to it!






Then I tried another card set she had made I had to fill the strips with patterned paper to keep it from flopping around.

The vertical and horizontal really gets to me being so restricted.  I was lucky to have so many horizontals for this page, but the layout pages was the same day, “A day at the park” and not enough photos to fill any of the little ones and my 3×5’s are sliding around.






Then on the flip side, of course that I had to put corners on that middle left one to match the chalkboard and frame the far left one, hmmmm.  She’s this was back in 2009  how do I journal that?









So then I got to the favorites of mine in that folder, (do everything chronologically. I do have some pretty girl pocket pages but I don’t want to fill all 4 with cards, like I did above. I had no pictures to match so you may be seeing these in again in a traditional or digital layout.  I like the series type of photos showing how she is discovering things and how it works.


Or maybe I just need to watch some videos.  That blog I looked at documented her life week by week.  I loved that idea but she must have more action going on then I do cause she had ALOT to document that I would in a year.   I take alot of photos but dang…. not enough in a week at least this time of year. I do take alot when we actually do something. I like action, I don’t photograph a couch potato more than once or twice in a lifetime. lol.  If you have any tips let me know. PLEASE!  Maybe I will try starting this year, not sure how I am going to do the opening page since I haven’t taken many pictures this year.  I can’t get set on one way and one way only.  I just want it done, and fast and I just don’t have that kind of time!  I know it has been a struggle and wanting my kids to have an album each when I pass away.  So doing double layouts of the same thing doesn’t bother me at all if both kids are in it.

Until next time… Happy Crafting.  What are you making today?