Are you blogging with Ads or No Ads?

I recently paid WordPress for NO Ads, I think it looks bad on a blog and less than professional.  Then as I was posting my post the last couple of days I kept seeing hidden ads hiding behind links.  So I contacted the WordPress forum and they informed me that I can turn off my browser “add ons” that is what is enabling these ADs to go on my site, it is not WordPress doing so.  So I caught on pretty quick that it doesn’t matter if I paid for no ADs or not, if the you the viewer has this enabled in your browser you are going to see them no matter what I do.

So therefore NO ONE likes annoying ads on their page so I thought I would pass the information along and put it in a page so it will stick up the top for everyone to see.  I know most of my viewers are from BLOGGER but anyone can get this with browser add ons.  They suggested that I turn them all off (it slows down your computer anyway) and go from there.  Write a post about it to let your fellow bloggers know about it, and of course  I am always willing to help my fellow blogging friends 🙂

Here is a REAL Link that helps you figure out according to your browser how to turn them off.  Good Luck and I hope this was very useful information for you!

How to turn off your browser Ad On’s

You may have to do some research yourself as I did to customize since I just upgraded to Chrome, much different then IE but this is what we use at work without as many glitches.  My supervisor is pretty computer savvy so he is the one who introduced me to Chrome, now I am just going to have to get use to it.

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