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Hybrid Ideas

Are you a traditional scrapbooker as well as digital?  Or do you just like to make things pretty around the house such as refrigerator magnets and fun stuff  like my little corkboard I did of my daughter and myself!




One of the little things I love to do is little easy home decor projects.  Here I decided to take Julianna’s  Hello Sunshine digital Elements and add embelishments to my corkboard I have on the wall.  It was just before the 4th of July I put some colored twine together, a beach collection of photos after they had been printed and then opened up some elements is Photoshop.  Not everyone has a print and cut machine but I did a little of both with these images, all you have to do is open up a new canvas in PS nomatter what version you are using you can even do this in Word with a new document.  Then select the Elements of your choice, add it to the canvas or document and print.  Every printer varies in setting so you will have to select for what your printer requires.  I cut them out,  and look what ya go, amazing looking flowers she has provided buttons for the flowers but you could go a step further and add real ones!  You can even decorate the pins with pattern paper if you would like to get fancy.  This is the easiest hybrid ever!

Why don’t you try it too? You will be surprised with the realistic, inexpensive, amazing embellishments any size and almost any color you like at the tip of your fingers!



Your comments encourage me to craft more!

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