How to put text on your paper embelishment

At the time I did this tutorial, I had an HP all in one, just the average printer, it fed in through the front paper tray and then rolled back out, you will have to set your position of your text on the document according to your printer.

Open up a word or photo program and print your text out on a 8.5 x 11 sheet if paper.

On the lower part of the document you type in your text. If I didn’t do the lower part it would jam the printer

 Once I have it printed, I put it on a light box, or my iPhone if it is small enough, then my cardstock on top of it, using a light to matching up the print, once it is in the right position (it takes practice) I use just a dab of ATG tape, or removable tape if I have it at the top of the cardstock to stick to the draft the paper and rerun in through the printer.  I shouldn’t have used white on white, but this is how I lined it up.

Sometimes it takes a couple of times and it takes a little practice to get it lined up perfectly and to know how much tape you can get away with, or if you print on larger paper then cut the shape out, you can used as much tape as you want.  It works like a charm if you get it just right. I’d say you have it easy if you have a printer that feeds from the back out to the front 🙂

Update, I now have a Epson R2000 12×12 printer.  Now I am able to print directly onto my layouts, you can check it out in my mixed media portfolio.

Your comments encourage me to craft more!

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