Yes, you too can have a .com address!

We all spend so much on our crafts per year, an average paper pack at 40% off is around 11.00 right?  Well for 9.99 a year you can look professional and have less frustration at typing in the hideous or and get your own .com address!

What is the benefit you ask?

NO, you will not loose your followers, no your blog will not change only the name.

Yes, if someone uses the host name it will redirect the viewer to the .com address and you won’t loose any traffic at all!  In the meantime get the word out that you are .com now, be proud and loud about it!

When commenting on blogs, it is SOOOO much easier to type in your blog name it shortens it up.

Plus it is a perfect gift for a fellow blogger friend, if they agree as they will need to renew at the end of the 12 months.

I started blogging on blogger then right away I met this wonderful lady whom I miss very much, she was WordPress.  I asked her why she chose wordpress over blogger.  She said she use to be blogger, she was a designer for a store and they had a promotion.  Her blog got so much traffic from it, that it crashed her entire blog and it was unrecoverable.  She had to start completely over after having quite a collection of followers, she lost them all. I also have just recently seen a friend’s blog just disappear one day on blogger the night before a hop.  Fortunately hers was recoverable.

Well I was so new, I don’t think I even had followers at the time, I just made a free account and found that is was more flexibly  many themes to choose from I think I could even buy my own theme and add it in.  Then if I ever chose to go self-hosted that I won’t have much work to do, or loose my followers.  Wordpress has a reputation of being pretty solid and reliable, and if you ever go self-hosted you have a back up of everything on your blog.  I believe .com does too, I believe so because recently went self-hosted and when I switched they helped import my site.

Self-hosting, that is much different then just having a domain name.  I went self-hosted because one day I may want to sell on my site and I wanted to learn how to use all these features now. Then when I choose to get an online store I am set to go.  No rush to learn it, I just want to get to know it and be familiar with it.  Self-Hosting isn’t for everyone.  If you are just a blogger who likes to share and inspire, a free site is for you.  But if you want to avoid Etsy fees and Ebay hassles, then it may be something to look at.  I am pretty computer savvy and it was hard for me to do, most people just pay someone the couple hundred dollars to do it for them.  I am stubborn and would rather pay the 3 years a couple hundred then spend the couple hundred on having someone do it for me.  I like to learn, and believe me I got a dose of that!

The downside to the free .com address is most paper crafters are on blogger, WordPress has growing amounts of paper crafters but we can’t have Google friend connect that everyone has based most their followers with, because Google doesn’t offer it anymore since they wen to Google +, at the time it did, has never support java script so I couldn’t have it anyway, only by going self-hosted I could get java script written widgets (translation Gadgets?) so you will see some blogs with it, who got it while it was still available.  I have seen some Bloggers move to WordPress just because of that, the stress and worries that Blogger was going to ditch all their followers once they introduced Google + but my bet they just transferred them to Google +, and you have to add them in a circle.  I haven’t dove into Google + yet, one day I will, I have to keep up with the technology to know what info is going out all over the net.  I just joined Instagram and apparently I had followers I didn’t even know!

I do have two Facebook accounts.  One personal that I keep pretty private with family and friends.  Then I have my crafty account, connected to the Page.   I created a page so people would have an online gallery of inspiration to look at, then went to self-hosted and realized I can do even better galleries right on my site.  Technology is moving so fast, I hear you can have a check out right on Facebook now… I don’t know if I ever will catch up.  But having two separate accounts is one of the best things I have done, even though it is a pain signing in and out, since Facebook doesn’t want you to to have two accounts.  All my crafty friends truly have crafty things in common with me, and I am not constantly shoving my crafts in my non crafty family and friends face, unless of course I made them subscribe to my blog, lol.  When I first discovered that you can have this, I met a gal online that showed me the ropes about groups and all kinds of new open doors for crafts.  Now I am putting along in my happy little world of crafting family.

Your comments encourage me to craft more!

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